True Blue (A Belated Part 2)

So a couple of posts back and what seems like many moons ago I spoke about my new hero Jean shape. In particular, a pair I pretty much live in at the moment from Urban Outfitters. Just to recap (pictures below to refresh your memory further) they are a wide, flared leg, with a high waist and cropped in length... A length I referred to as "awkward", but the good kinda awkward. One of reasons I'm obsessed with this shape at the moment (as mentioned in my previous post) was because it takes the idea of a retro staple, The Flare and it revamps it, to give it a modern day look. The beauty of this is you can go one way or the other with it, you can dress them as modern and as minimal as you like. Oooor you can go as retro as you like without looking like you've just stepped out of a time machine. Enter the outfit below.

So the previous post I wrote on these wonderful jeans was a simple look, kinda girly, kinda current and super duper easy! However the outfit below is a little more true to my heart and harks back to a look which from an early age I've pretty much built my style around. It's a more obvious retro look one which of recently I've kinda abandoned. Call it growing up or call it growing out of it, either way I've noticed over the past few years I've gone from strictly dressing vintage to gradually evolving it into a more relaxed style. I've kinda gone from Sixties Mod-esque Go Go girl to seventies Tom-boy and I'm totally ok with this, as displayed below. The thing is and at the risk of sounding patronising to anyone younger than me (why am I making myself sound middle aged right now?), as you grow older and grow more into your own style, I think you learn to stop replicating looks and learn to elaborate on them, give them your own stamp. And vintage style has been the best example of this learning curve for me.  

I'm completely obsessed with Crochet! Give me a granny square crochet blanket and I'll most likely wish I could wear it, so unsurprisingly I was drawn immediately to this Zara number and I just had to have it! My only issue with crochet is that, especially in summer, you run the risk of looking a little stereotypical festival "boho" and I'm just not into that ( well actually that's putting it mildly, I try to avoid this look at all costs). So in order to stir well and truly clear of this look, I've added a wardrobe staple underneath, a classic white crew neck tee to transform it more into a seventies tank top. Not to degrees from my outfit, but whilst we are on the subject my numero uno wardrobe top is; if you find the perfect plain white tee for you, please for the love of God buy it in bulk. They are like the Holy Grail and you'll be saving yourself the stress of in a few years time trying to replace it. Seriously. Moving back on with my outfit, this look is crying out to be worn with a pair of classic plimsoles (or shock horror in my case, CONVERSE) for a seventies teen vibe but I've gone the extra mile and glam rocked it up with my all time favourite babies, the Office silver ankle boot. *Swoons*. Ziggy Stardust lives on. 

There's almost a sense of relief in me wearing and posting outfits like this one because it validates there's still so much vintage inspired love for me to give! Phew! You never really fall out of love with your favourite style inspirations, you just grow with them and learn to make them relevant now... Come to think of it, a bit like my Urban Outfitters flares. 

Sophia X 

Crochet top- Zara
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Office

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  1. I adore your style so much! I have been following you on insta for aaages and kept meaning to read your blog but forgot! x