Fight for Your White To Party (My Boyfriend Helped Pick This Title)

White denim has a bad reputation. White as a rule works so well in so many ways. A white jersey T-shirt is a classic. White high top Converse are a staple. The White Album by The Beatles is genius. So how come there's just something about white jeans the majority of us are so afraid of? Well firstly there's the long standing myth that white denim are far more unflattering than their more popular counterpart black denim, not true. White denim is no more unflattering then stone wash in my opinion, it's all down to your choice of shape but we will get to that in a mere moment. Then there's the impracticality of white. They are not to be worn on rainy days, in muddy fields or whilst eating/drinking anything that's not well...water. For me, the latter was always the big deciding factor. As mentioned a bazillion times over, I live in Manchester, it rains and cars splash you. White jeans and suede shoes in Manchester are not for the faint hearted. But all negativity a side, I've always liked the idea of them, ever since I saw Francis "Baby" Houseman in Dirty Dancing sport them with a white peasant top and white Keds. So this summer I've decided to face my fears and brave white denim (probably not the most ideal summer I could have picked considering it's been none stop rain, but whatever, I've picked it nevertheless) and I've put together a little rule guide to help all my follow "white-jean-o-phobes" overcome their fears too. Hope it helps:

  • Not Too Skinny- Although I may have said I don't think white is any less unflattering than stone wash, this does not mean I think EVERY white jean is flattering. The skinnier you get, the more risky it gets. stick to a straight or tapered leg and ankle grazing if possible. Think vintage Levi's 501's or better still the Urban Outfitters pair I'm wearing below (you can shop them here also).
  • No Pastels- Lemons, baby pinks, mint greens; you run the risk of being too sickly sweet. Stick with neutrals, black, grey and even white if you're feeling brave a la Baby.
  • Keep It Simple- This kind of goes hand in hand with the colour rule, but the key is to keep it clean and simple. Nothing too fussy. You want it as classic as possible, think Pablo Picasso, think Parisian style. You want to sway more towards androgynous than girly. Frills and Citrus colours and you will run the risk of looking like your on an over 60's cruise round the Med.
  • The Last But Most Important Of All- I feel like this goes without saying and I'm so sorry if I'm insulting your intelligence here but the last and most important of all rules. Please for the love of God, avoid any form of animal print. You are not Rod Stewart and you will look like Versace circa 1985 just threw up on you.  You've been warned.

And there you have, in my opinion, the four pivotal rules to styling out white denim. Tried and tested by me, as seen below. Good luck and may you pick a dry, sunny, Bolognese free day.
Sophia x

"Vinyl" T-shirt- (Mine is sold out but here's a similar one) Bella Freud 
Loafers- Office

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  1. You are like a mini Alexa! Love this look! I've been trying to find the perfect white jeans for years and these are so me- loved this post ❤