You Used To Kendal Call Me On My Cellphone

Wonderful British summertime, it's what we look forward to all year round. No matter how short or how wet it is, it's everyone's favourite season. And for me a British summer wouldn't be the same without the attendance of at least one festival. With all there mud, rain, questionable toilet arrangements and over priced cider... It's all part of their charm and I absolutely love them! This year I'm making the rounds and I've planned a few flying festival visits. For me it's a double winner, because not only do I get to experience that festival feeling but I actually get to see my boyfriend. Win/win... Don't worry that's as soppy as this post is going to get!

 Due to the fact I'll be hopefully making an appearance at a number of festival, and due to the fact I love them so, I've decided I'd kinda like to share me experience's with you guys. Because a festivals a party right? And at a party, the more the merrier is key. So I figured the best way to do this via my blog, was to give you a little run down of my day, possibly some do's and don'ts, what was good, what was...not so good. And then basically just drown you in a shed load of photos for you to have a little nosey at. I guess like a photo diary if you had to give it a name. Because a picture tells a 1,000 words, and in all honesty I don't have the time to write that many... Plus a photo is just prettier isn't it really?

 First on the list is Kendal Calling. And I seriously can't think of a better festival to start off on (bar Glastonbury, but that's in a league of its own)! I fully recommend this festival if you're at a loss for which one to chose.It's seriously chilled, seriously fun and just so bloody good looking. It's right in the heart of the Lake District so the scenery is oh so pretty! I loved it because they'd decorated it up wholeheartedly. It actually looks how you'd envision a festival to be; fun and vibrant and a little magical. In fact it kinda does have a Glastonbury vibe about it, at the risk of sounding like I compare every festival to Glasto. It made me smile to see such a mixed bag of people at Kendal; families with children to teenager's festivalling it for the first time. I really couldn't have asked for a better day, with the best weather and the best people in a pretty awesome location. *insert emoji heart eyes here*

 What I wore: If I could dish out just one piece of festival style advise (excluding please for the love of God take wellies. I'd like to think that goes without saying and you're all not that silly you'd need to be told) it would be DRESSES.Keep it easy, keep it simple and be comfy. For me the best way to achieve this is with a loose fit summer dress. I know, I know, cut off denim shorts and festivals just seems like such an appealing option but it's been done to death, you'll be one of a thousand (you're better than that) and they aren't that comfy, lets be honest. My dress of choice for Kendal Calling was this floaty little number below from H&M, my boyfriend described it as the flamenco emoji dress and I'm happy enough with that. I'm not normally one to shout out about the price of my clothes, normally I'm desperately trying to keep how much I spend on clothes as quiet as possible (my favourite lie is to say I've had an item of new clothing for years, super old, "no you've definitely seen me wear this before") but I've got to tell you... This little dream was just TWELVE POUNDS (and 99p... but still!), click here for the link and see for yourselves. Such a bargain and so pretty! I teamed it with my bestest buddies, my high top Converse, a straw bag- mines vintage but see a similar one from H&M here and some chunky, turtoiseshell Triwa shades in a classic cat eye shape.

What I Drank/Ate: Apple Mojito's, Strawberry Cidar (furry teeth central) and I ate Chunky Chips 'N' Dips, because obviously I'm on a very strict diet...

What I did: I wondered The Gardens Of Eden looking a little confused and amused, I chilled out in front of the most beautiful lake views (and contemplated never leaving and setting up residence there), I danced to RnB and Hip Hop from the Juicy DJ set at Tim Peake's Cafe (check out their UK club nights and mixes here), I fan girled over Catfish And The Bottlemen and I gushed at Blossoms (of course)!

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Dress- H&M
Shoes- Converse
Sunglasses- Triwa


  1. You can't beat H&M for bargainous nice clothes! I've never been to a festival (and I'm 31 years old!) but hoping to change that next year :) Vxx

  2. Nothing beats the British summer. Its my most favorite season to be outdoor.
    Some great pics by the way, loved em.