Gotta whole Y Not-ta Love

Firstly, huge apologies but this post is just a teeny weeny bit slow on the uptake considering I visited Y Not Festival over a week ago and I intended on writing this last Monday. In my defense, I did two festivals in one weekend and wrote a post in between (if you've not already read my post on Kendal Calling, please do so, that would be nice. Thanks!), that's pretty good going as far as I'm concerned. Plus it really has been a busy old week and time has just flown by, BUT better late than never! I've set time aside, I've edited photos, I've made myself a brew (tea/coffee for all you non-northerners) and I'm sat down, raring to go/type! Phew!

Y Not Festival, has a special place in my heart. It's adorable, like the little sister of all festivals. I went last year and I'll be honest, my expectations weren't all too high but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and it fast became one of my favourites. It's a dinky little festival (albeit, growing up fast! It was a tad bigger this year. Uh err!) set in the middle of the Peak District, a stones through away from Bakewell. Be warned this means it's up in the beautiful hills of Derbyshire, which in turn means there's wind, lots and lots of wind... If you're anything like me, the coldest woman on earth, you'll need to pack layers. I wouldn't want you catching a chill now. The festival itself has a real home grown vibe to it, with a lot of local businesses setting up shop there and the decor being a little shabby chic, in the most endearing way. You WILL be sat on a hay bale at some point, amongst bunting and fairy lights, but that's all part of it's charm. The food there is on point, probably my favourite out of all festivals and although Y Not maybe smaller then it's older counterparts, it definitely stands on its own with some much to see and do (and eat, ofcourse). Completely worth a visit for new music lovers and festival first timers. 

What I wore: Right ok, don't know how useful this is going to be considering I dressed completely wrong! I wore Hunters wellies to behind with; it turned out to be dry and a floaty summer dress; it turned out to be windy (apologies to any Y Not goers who got a flash on my undies that weekend). Never the less, I opted for Superga plimsoles, quite possibly the comfiest shoe on earth and ideal for standing on your feet all day teamed with my numero ink dress of the summer by I Love Friday at ASOS. Breezy weather aside, this dress is ideal for those summer days when it's not quite as warm as you'd like. It's a thick linen material, in a floaty smock shape with long oversized sleeves and dreamy frill detailing. I've worn it to death. To round of my outfit I wore my cant-live-without vintage straw bag, you can shop a similar one HERE by Pimkie at ASOS.

What I ate/drank: Banoffee waffles for breakfast, cider and katsu chicken. Please never referred to me for healthy eating or clean living advise.

What I did/who I saw: I complained about being cold a lot and I watched the end of Vant absolutely smashing it on the main stage, The Magic Gang and dun dun duuuuun, Blossoms. (I sadly however missed Vryll Society due to clashing times but if I could have, I would have... Ya know FYI).

Sophia x

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Shoes- Superga
Bag- Vintage but see similar from Pimkie
Sunglasses- Triwa


  1. I adore that dress! I think it has sold out though, can't seem to find it. Sad times! That brand has lots of lovely things.
    I've heard great things about Y Not. Hoping to go next year as I'm a Sheffield dweller so it's not far away at all! Vxx

    1. Aww thank you! I know, so sad! I tried to find it again on ASOS last night to link it in my post and couldn't! :( xx

  2. I love your blog omg!! how much were the tickets? I'd love to go next year!xx

  3. Ahh this dress is absolutely stunning! Wish that I could find it though xx