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My favourite season is finally here! Hooray! Autumn has officially arrived and with it comes my first cold of winter. Great! Not one to be detered by feeling like utter rubbish, I've decided to use my recovery time wisely and catch up with some long over due blog writing. I kinda feel like I've been off the radar to past two weeks. I've had a busy old month of moving back to my home town (and being reunited with my cat), changing jobs, following my boyfriends band around to various cities on their first album tour... GAH! No wonder I'm run down! It's all been really positive change however and the tour was amazing, I can officially say I'm super excited for what the next few months will bring (for both myself and Joe).
I kinda thought what better way to kick off the autumn season then with a post about one of my favourite autumnal colours, MUSTARD! This colour has serious magical mood changing powers, making you feel all warm, cosy and toasty at a glance. More over, its the perfect splash of colour which can instantly add a touch of retro nostalgia to any outfit. As a self diagnosed colour-phob, Mustard is actually on my list on "safe" colours along with; brown, blue (preferably navy), burnt orange (and ONLY burnt) and burgundy. All of which funnily enough, also fall under your typical Autumn/Winter tones. The nice thing about all these colours (Mustard in particular) is that although strong, vibrant and vivid they are all really reeeeally difficult to get wrong and building an outfit around them is a (autumn) breeze. They are also the ideal tones for cord and velvet, FYI I'm a self appointed velvet addict, as well as a colour phob... Acceptance is the first step to recovery.  It's my personal believe that a cord/velvet mustard A-line mini skirt and/or pinafore is a NECESSITY in any wardrobe. To ideally be worn with a vintage cream blouse or a simple black roll neck (the choice is yours) and patent black shoes. Believe me, this is a fail safe, sixties inspired outfit which I pull out time and time again and it's yet to fail me. 

And this is the part where I would now like to thank aptedly named clothing label Mustard Studios, for creating THE perfect mustard cord pinafore, as seen below. I've gone a tad Austin Powers on you all here with this outfit, which to some might be a little questionable but it's my blog, I like it and so it's staying! The flared sleeves on my H&M blouse are to die for and give the hard, A-line shape of the pinafore, a more soft, romantic feel. Perfect for a dreamy autumnal stroll and maybe a bit of leave kicking and crunching. *plays The Mama's & Papa's- California Dreamin'*

Sophia (kisses and sneezes...sorry)

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Blouse (See Similar)- H&M
Pinafore- Mustard Studios
Mary Jane's- H&M

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