Just Another Manic Dungaree Day

I wish I was one of those girls who looked immaculate Monday to Sunday, 24/7. But unfortunately my biggest confession as a fashion blogger is that I'm not. Not even close. I'm a lazy dresser and the busier I am during the week, the more my overall appearance tends to take a backseat. This probably seems like shameful behaviour for someone who is supposed to write about her style on a regular basis. That said I've never been one to shy from the truth, scroll through my Instagram and you will be met by a back catalogue of "scruffy day" photos. Make up free, tussled haired (aka untouched by a brush), blasé outfits normally incorporating a stripe tee, a Mom jean and my trusty high tops. I just don't have the time for well thought out outfits every day of the week, I mean who does? Really? No disrespect to those amazing girls who do, you're heroes and your dedication knows no bounds, please teach us all your ways. But truth be told, it's just not my thing I guess. I'm a self appointed Tom boy in my personal style and I hate to break a habit of a life time. I'm happy to leave my more glossy, preened outfits for the weekend (who am I kidding? Even the weekends is pushing it).
Since I started my blog back in November, I've waxed lyrical about my love for dungarees and so it will come as no surprise to you that thy feature quite heavily in my working wardrobe as well as my "off" days. The truth is as adorable and care free as dungies maybe, they also hide a multitude of sins. They're just so God damn comfy and when you've got Monday blues and the idea of facing a smart work friendly outfit makes you want to crawl back in bed and sleep through until Saturday, dungarees are ready and waiting to save your day. Eat all the carbs you want to get you through the day, overalls are your trusty friends happy to hide the evidence, no bloated food baby and no tight waist band constantly riddling you with guilt for eating a croissant for brekkie and ALL of Manchester's supply of bread for lunch. 

My dungaree day, is my secret dress down day but the sneaky part is you CAN dress them up as I so often do. A cream blouse is a sweet little addition to be worn under black overalls, teamed with your favourite loafers (mine below are a new addition from Boden and they are like wearing slippers, ideal when you're up and out of the house at half 7 in the morning) and you're set to go. Proof that work wear doesn't haven't to be confined to an ill fitting, claustrophobia inducing shirt and you're standard A-line, uninspiring skirt. It's a boyish outfit, with a feminine touch and I thank it for making my Mondays a touch more bearable.

Dungarees, yet again I salut you. Should I stop writing about them? Probably. Am I ever actually going to? Probably not. Am I going to end up a 50 something year old woman STILL in dungarees? Well if Meryl Streep can rock them in Mamma Mia, then so can I....

Night night and have a happy Monday.
Sophia x

Shop My Outfit From Boden Below:
(aptly named the "Sofia" blouse I may add)

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