Gola Classic x Liberty Art Fabric- Flowers On The Soles Of Her Shoes

Is it just me or when we all moved our clocks forward did it suddenly feel like the seasons had cranked it up gear and moved forwards too? It feels like winter was never going to leave our sides and than all of a sudden spring has sprung and with it, there's a almighty spring in my step. Yes all that sunshine and extra vitamin D is most definitely putting my mood into higher sprits but it's something else that's getting me all giddy for the spring/summer season... My spring wardrobe and moreover my spring footwear! *throws 80 denier tights over my shoulder, like I don't have a care in the world*
I'm sure by now you've all figured out, I'm a big fan of a plimsole and all year round I attempt to keep them on my feet. Albeit soggy, rained on feet from September through to February. As in denial about it as I am, plimsoles were MADE for spring. Light, comfortable and perfect teamed with your favourite floral tea dress or stone washed jeans. They give any outfit that classic, timeless, "Francis Baby Houseman" look I'm so very fond of/obsessed with. But this year, my feet just got even MORE spring-o-fied (Oxford are you reading this? There's a new word right there to add to your dictionary) as the lovely folk at Gola have had the ingenious idea to team up with the equally lovely folk at Liberty's and create a collection of spring ready, floral patterned Gola classics. It's a match made in shoe heaven.
If I'm being entirely truthful I always find this time of year a touch awkward to dress for. You never know whether you're coming or going. We feel in limbo between saying farewell to winter and desperately wishing it was closer to the height of summer. The suns out but it's still a little cold around the edges and if you're anything like me, you've eagerly packed away your woollens but still can't brave wearing your prettiest summer dress. It's about finding the perfect spring wardrobe balance and that's exactly why these Liberty Print Gola's have managed to effortlessly waltz into my current wardrobe staples list all footloose and fancy free (is there any other way to waltz in floral shoes?). They are the perfect addition to a transitional outfit, adding just the right amount of colour and spring floral to any outfit without being too much of a keen- summertime -bean.
I've been teaming them with two other transitional style saviours of mine; Cropped flares and Candy Kane or (more aptly named when I edge closer to June) Deckchair stripes. A good stoned washed cropped flare or culotte eases you in gently to spring dressing, why? Because a) they allow you to avoid baring your pastey, nowhere near summer ready legs to the world whilst being super comfy and  relaxed. And b) You can still pair them with knitwear without feeling like you've resorted back to your tiresome winter wardrobe.... add Floral Gola's to the mix and you're winter style is a definite distant memory.

Candy Kane stripes are a new addiction of mine, in pretty much every colour going. I've recently become a little more cocky about wearing colour but I'm still not entirely confident with anything too bright but for some reason if I wear it in a stripe form I feel like I stay within my comfort zone. Probably because, when have stripes ever let me down? They're also a really great outfit builder for coordinating colour, for example I sported a baby blue candy cane stripe blouse, teamed it with the pink and blue floral Gola plimsoles and finished the whole outfit off with a pink satchel. They all work together really well, without one particular item over powering another. Just a nice and simple, every day look. Right up my street.

Needless to say I have every intention of wearing these Gola's straight into summer and once I feel a little braver about baring skin/my legs have been ever so slightly bronzed, these little beauties will be perfectly with a denim mini or... Better still, a cut off denim short and peasant blouse in true Baby from Dirty Dancing style... No nobody puts Baby in the corner... Or my Liberty Print floral Gola's.

Shop the entire collection below and make your transitional styling just that little bit easier:

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  1. Love these photo's, you look so happy! The cutest trainers too xx

    Lauren Rose: laurenrosestyle.com

  2. In total agreement about plimsolls, I try my best to wear them all year round but they are definitely most appropriate in spring! x