Topshop Trend- All Your Dresses Are Made Of Strawberry Lemonade

As SS17 collections have started to hit down in the stores over the passed couple of weeks, there is no denying we are in for a pretty fashion spectacular summer! My selection of favourite trends so far to name a few are; gingham, gingham and oh...more gingham, statement T-shirts still coming through loud and proud, and of course in true Sophia (who am I kidding... Birkin) style basket bags. However there's one trend in particular which Topshop is channeling oh so perfectly at the moment and I, for one just can't get enough of... Think Pink! Yes that's right simply pink! No complicate concepts, no avant grade ideas or ultra contemporary clothing hybrids... Just pink. They're brought this colour to the forefront in various patterns, materials and shaped dresses, and I adore it. It's pink to make the boys wink this season and than some. Pink can often be given a bad reputation, conjuring images of a stereotype "tween" girly girl who's just GOT to have everything in bubblegum pink. Sickly shades of fascia and magenta relegated to bad swimwear and vivid hot pink for your typical hen do in Blackpool. This is NOT the pink we're talking about it. Instead Topshop has opted for subtle pastel shading such as blush, rose and dusky. And oh my, they are just so easy on both your eyes and your wardrobe. Think the summer freshness of pink lemonade and you're on the right track.

The beauty of dusky/blush pink shades is this; they suit everyone. Whether your blonde, brunette, tanned or pale as pale can be, dusky pink will suit you. In fact (not to rub it in to all you pale and interesting beauties' faces) but in my humble opinion it's one of the best colours to accommodate a tan, thus making it a no brainer for summer. Nothing says a sunny day out and about, like throwing on your favourite pretty tea dress and sandals. So care free and heading out the door without another moments thought. It's just that this year Topshop have made finding that perfect pink tea dress just that little bit easier. 

To make life even more easy for you, I've taken the liberty of picking out a couple of my personal favourites for you... I know, I'm so kind aren't I? Shopping Topshop for you! It's a tough job but I was willing to take one for the team. The first on my list is the pink slip photographed above. I picked this one because the slip keeps coming back season, after season and it's earned its place as a firm wardrobe staple. The button down detailing and tie straps make it a great piece to be worn solo, however I've teamed mine with a pretty knitted crochet T-shirt layered underneath. I'm a huge fan of a white tee under a slip (as you guys have probably seen a million times on my Instagram) but I felt like the crochet (of which I'm also a huge fan of) gives the look a more high summer, "floaty" and "feminine" vibe. As per usual I've added my trusty Converse because a floaty slip and sneakers (ok, sorry, trainers to us Brits) reminded me of a kind of Virgin Suicides aesthetic and I'm more than happy to channel that look.

The second pick is the pink tea dress photographed below. I absolutely love this shape and it's one which Topshop have championed for years, making it a timeless piece you can pull out over and over again, decades later (see Kate Moss Tea dresses as proof)! It's the kind of dress which can style you for a multitude of occasions; from brunch dates, to a night on the tiles, to festivals. All you need to do is switch your footwear and you've hit the nail on the head. I normally opt for a espadrille or a dainty sandal with mine, but with the below I've gone for a Mary-Jane style shoe from the Molly Goddard Topshop range. Favoured by myself because they look like they came straight out of Marianne Faithfull's wardrobe circa 1965. I don't need to tell you guys how much I love silver footwear as I've been preaching this to you for years. But what I will say is metallic silver and dusky pink are a picture perfect combination, giving the age old girly shade a contemporary twist. Both, I'd be so bold as to say are definite investment pieces.

Whether you've been a long standing advocate of pink or you're a new recruit, dresses are the way to go with this typically feminine trend. I promise they will make for an easy, accessible high summer outfit, keeping you light and breezy in the hottest of heat. On Fridays we wear pink... And throughout the whole of May, June and July.

Sophia x

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  1. such cute looks, love how you paired the slip dress with a white tee and converse X

    Emma O Donnell // Fashion and Lifestyle