Style Inspiration- Shiny, Shiny Boots Of Vinyl

Today I'm talking about a kind of controversial- depending on your style preference- age old favourite, vinyl. I should really mention that the song puns that go with this subject are endless as I discovered just the other evening when I spent at least an hour writing down a very impressive, long list of variations... “It's the vinyl countdown” is a firm favourite but it some how just doesn't quite go with the “vibe” of this post… Or maybe it does? Eighties rock and vinyl are a match made in heaven surely? See Slash from Guns ’N’ Roses for further proof. 

Vinyl is one of those trends which repeatedly comes and then very abruptly goes, never to be spoken about again… That is at least not for another decade. In the sixties it goes without saying vinyl and patent reigned supreme with pivotal designers of the time such as Andre Coureges using copious amounts of the stuff in some of his most famous looks. And then it all goes a bit quiet until the Eighties… Most famous Eighties patent? Erm!Vivienne’s boots in Pretty Woman, duh!! Work it baby, work it…
The last few years we’ve definitely been toying with the idea that vinyl should make a comeback. Just to give you an idea, we saw Alexa Chung getting it spot on with her Hade's knitwear and super duper shiny pant combo at Glastonbury 2016… But that was ages ago right? It seems to have taken a while to get the ball really rolling on the vinyl trend but this Autumn/Winter we FINALLY see both luxury and the high street brands declare their ( albeit fickle) love once more for all things shiny, a little squeaky but extremely sassy. I am totally and completely pro vinyl and I couldn't be more thrilled that this trend is hitting us hard this year. 
I mean come on! Who doesn't want to channel Michelle Pfeiffer as cat woman? Granted there’s absolutely NOTHING slinky about me or my sense of style but I think we all need to be clear that this trend in no way has to be overtly “sexy”. Not even close. In fact for me, the best way to style this trend is almost a touch boyish to avoid treading on dominatrix territory… Yes ok so, everything I style always has an element of "boy" to it. But seriously, it’s not just me! HIM at Leeds Festival perfectly demonstrated this… They all wore matching patent pants, loose blouses and chunky boots. Super cool, super casual.
Two ways of styling vinyl that I particularly love are; with brights and with denim! The idea of mixing a vinyl jacket or A-line mini with a colour pop harks back to its Sixties routes and teaming patent with yellows, reds or creams in particular brings to mind YSLs famous Mondrian dress. Try styling a vinyl A-line with a simple turtleneck and your favourite winter boots for an effortless, extremely retro but super duper stylish outfit (one of my favourite ever fashion collaborations is Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry, it featured this outfit formula heavily- I’ve added some of the key looks from this range to my Pinterest Vinyl Board so you can get a real feel for it and hopefully some inspiration). Alternatively if you really fancy grabbing this trend by the horns why not go for a patent pant and over sized chunky knit for that “off duty”, day time feel?… Be brave! 
With my second styling choice, denim has just got to be teamed with a lovely vinyl jacket! Either a full mac or a little cropped, box jacket will go down a storm with your favourite, comfiest pair of jeans- I guess this is a real testament to how easy and laid back this trend can actually be. I’ve worn my Monki jacket of dreams in the photos included with a simple denim skirt from ASOS (everyone needs a skirt of this ilk in their wardrobes. They’re up there with high waisted jeans for me as an absolute compulsory staple) and fine knit striped jumper. The thing I really love about this outfit is how it sits somewhere in the middle of daytime to evening dressing… Plus lets point out the most obvious perk to vinyl… It’s water proof ie. incredibly handy if you live up North. 
I can’t help but feel like patent is a lot like Marmite and I know a fair few people who can’t stand the stuff and/or raise their eyebrows if you wear it (it’s ok guys, don't worry. I promise I’ve not come from the local sex dungeon). But that’s just the connotations that come with it and wearing it this season is almost like taking it back to basics. Don't let it over power your outfit and dress it down. The best tip is to treat vinyl as you would your favourite trusty, "safe" denim items... There's absolutely no difference! You're outfit can still look as casual and daytime as you'd like it be... Shine on and stand out ladies!

Sophia x

Check out my Pinterest Board below for more inspiration:

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  1. So funny, I literally just blogged about vinyl too, I'm definitely a PVC (and marmite) lover! Also loving the connection you made with it and music, I didn't even think of that. Love the texture mix of styling it with knitwear though.