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I always wonder at what point do you decide whether you're a heels kinda girl or not? Is there a pivotal moment in your teens when you subconsciously decide you'll be that kind of girl who makes maximum effort, who always looks pristine and wears six inch heels like they're slippers? Some where along the line I decided I was categorically NOT that kind of girl. I don't know when it happened but it did and boy did I commit to this decision. I just can't hack them and lord knows I've genuinely tried. A block heel is fine to a certain degree but anything strappy and above 4 inches, I'm a goner. I've got plenty of beautiful "out, out" heels in my wardrobe which are unworn and untouched, gathering dust in the deepest, darkest parts of my closet. But unworn doesn't mean unloved, specifically the 10 years old Dolce & Gabbana six inch patent lace ups which as a brogue style I figured would trick my mind into thinking we could go the distance in them. We never did and the only light of day they've seen is when every once and awhile I dig them out from their box just to admire them and whisper "I love you, I promise". 

I think when I was younger my androgynous- shall we say- sense of style made me feel a touch limited with what I could and couldn't wear. I knew I was at my "best me" in Converse and dungarees, a formula I still love more than anything today (as you're all aware). It wasn't necessarily that I felt self conscious in my relaxed style or inadequate but simply I felt like there were some looks I just point blank couldn't pull off. Nights out were always difficult, I just didn't feel right in a party dress. It didn't come naturally to me to be uber feminine and it wasn't just the shoe situation, it was my hair, my make up, the whole shebang! Thankfully I feel like as I've got a little older I've realised that certain trends, certain occasion outfits and certain pieces don't HAVE to dictate how you dress but more YOU dictate how they are worn.
I've come to terms with my own sense of style and it no longer limits me in the wardrobe department. I've realised that whatever the look or trend, it's about taking it on board and reworking it in your own, unique way. A great example of this is the Prairie trend we see come back summer after summer. It's completely feminine in its execution- think floaty fabrics and whimsical prints. It's all about faded, muted tones and pastel hues. It's about gingham and ditsy prints mixed with smock or frill detailing. In a word, there is nothing androgynous about this aesthetic. But and this is an all important but, that's only the bare bones of the trend and NOT how you have to wear it. 

I recently bought this absolutely amazing midi style chiffon prairie dress from Topshop and I absolutely adore it. On one side it's totally me! It's very vintage inspired and perfect for a canvas trainer in summer (one of the best realisations you can have is discovering that a pair of plimsoles or high tops look good with virtually every floral dress). On the other side, there's probably an extra two inches on the skirt length than I would have liked and the shape is very loose. In theory this dress calls for a heel really to ensure it's well and truly out of Frumpy-ville right? WRONG! And here's wear you learn one of my ultimate, yet oh so simple style hacks...
Invest in a classic black chelsea boot. It's that easy. I've been wearing the same style of Russell & Bromley's for over ten years now and they have been worn to death! So much so I only recently replaced them with the exact same pair (the joys of Russell & Bromley are that their classic shapes stay for years upon years). They are the cheats answer to dressing a little more formally then you'd ordinarily like. For me it's simply a case of swapping my high tops for a chelsea boot where the occasion calls for it. There's something a little nineties and completely care free about teaming a pretty, floral dress with a boyish pair of black chelsea boots and I personally don't think this look will never grow old. Think Courtney Love, early Gwen Stefani, Winona Ryder and The Craft. It's about levelling the femininity of your dress out with the accessories you choose to make the overall outfit completely relevant to your style. To finish off my look I've added a masculine, western style black leather belt around the middle. This firstly eliminates some of the shapelessness of my dress and makes my outfit a touch more flattering for my body type but it also evens out the heaviness of your shoes and ties in all together nicely. 
What started life as a pretty feminine, floaty dress has now been easily transformed into something a little more "me". With just a little tweak of my accessories, I've managed to tone down the dresses whimsical style. It's still completely elegant and perfectly acceptable for any occasion but with just a teeny, tiny hint of androgyny thrown in for good measure. Prairie girl meets Rodeo Romeo.

Now go show those trends who's style boss. This town ain't big enough for the both of ya.

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Midi Floral Prairie Dress- Topshop, Western Style Leather Belt- Topshop, Leather Chelsea Boot- Russell & Bromley

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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  1. I love this outfit on you, you make everything look so effortlessly stylish- I really love that dress but I don't think I'd ever be able to pull it off!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode