Out With The Old, In With The New? Vintage Made Easy!

I feel like I talk about vintage a lot with you guys and in particular over the last few weeks where I've discuss how to buy vintage denim and seventies stripes but it's such a huge influence on my style, it's kind of hard to escape it. That said no matter how much I discuss the subject it's still something you guys seem to want to hear more about and I'm often asked how I create my look or where you can find certain items. I've often mentioned that I find it super hard to explain my outfit when vintage is involved because I psychically can't find the items for you to replicate- one of the highs and lows of vintage shopping is that it's a one off piece. But one of the fundamental factors to consider when dressing "vintage" is that I personally don't believe it HAS to be true vintage and with the seventies/eighties/nineties hitting our high streets hard this season I thought I'd show you some of the key trends to look out for when creating a retro inspired outfit this year.

The Pattern and The Colour

One of the big things to look out for this season is pattern. All kinds of pattern! There are so many retro inspired prints emerging in the shops right now for spring. I touched upon stripes last week and so I guess I'll just very briefly repeat myself because for me this is the key look for right now! It's in an abundance of designs, styles and colours- completely transitional into pretty much anyone's wardrobe. The other biggy trend I've noticed returning is florals... I know, I know this sounds a little obvious for spring and summer but the designs we're seeing at the moment are quintessential for vintage dressing. There's a heck of a lot of forties inspired ditsy prints popping up in button down blouses and chiffon dresses. Oh you pretty things!
A particular colour I'm loving at the moment is this jade/emerald/deep green (sorry but I get my greens confused... think Kermit The Frog) which keep repeatedly cropping- or should I say hopping- up recently! It seems to be the base colour for a lot of floral prints out there and I love it teamed with white Converse. We're seeing snow this week (you probably don't need me to tell you that due to the fact the UK is at a stand still) so the idea of wearing florals seems like a million miles away but the beauty of 1940s dressing is it goes oh so well with chunky cable knit cardigans and jumpers. This is a really easy vintage look to replicate right now and one which you can do subtley without looking like you're an extra for The Edge Of Love (I would seriously advise you watch this for style inspiration alone).

The Texture and The Materials

Away from prints and into something more weather appropriate for our current climate- is anyone else loving the sheer volume of cord coming our way at the moment? Oh cord, cord, wonderful cord! I love the stuff and I feel like it manages to make any item of clothing look instantly more appealing and more expensive. There's just something about both cord and velvet which gives colour a little more vibrancy and really makes them pop. I would seriously advise investing in some wide leg cord trousers as soon as possible if you really want to hit the vintage look on the head. Not only are they ridiculously comfy and super flattering but they are a really nice alternative to jeans which will help freshen up your look. I bought a pink pair from Mango last summer and I've worn them so many times in a million different ways. From dressy to casual, with a slogan tee or a oversized jumper. If you were umming and awwing about cord trousers than I would strongly advise you stop. Bite the bullet and wear the cords.

If you just can't bare to say goodbye to your jeans this spring/summer than hey, that's fine too! Denim has had a serious overhaul this spring and we're being hit with a bazillion different shapes of jeans! I won't go into too much detail regarding stone washed jeans because I've spoken about these a lot recently and I feel like we're all aware they're absolutely EVERYWHERE right now. But I will say is that Topshop are bringing back (I bought them about five times over last summer) their wide, cropped leg jean which comes in the most dreamy tone of stone washed. They're a staple for summer and if you're a little scared about tackling the seventie's style flare full throttle than these cropped babies are a really nice compromise. They will ease you in gently whilst giving you that retro kick you want from your outfit.

Another nice little denim number that's caught my attention recently is the denim jacket. But this is no ordinary denim jacket, oh no! This is a tie waist jacket for those of you feeling particularly seventies right now. The old, faithful tea dress and denim jacket pairing was starting to look a little dated and that's why I love this new improved tie waist. It's just a really simple move on from this seemingly tired combination- giving it a whole new lease of life and transforming it into something relevant again. Dig out your early noughtie's Topshop tea dresses ladies, it's time for a comeback! I find it really hard looking for spring appropriate jackets and I feel like this is a really nice option- I can't wait to wear my new Rouje denim with a cami and a midi skirt further into summer! 

The Shape and The Design

I'm an absolute sucker for a tortoise shell button and I can't get enough of the amazing dress designs featuring them at the moment! Tortoise shell buttons on a floral dress has that real "thrift store" feel to it. Again it's really going back to that 1940 feel of earthy tones and mixing textures but the nice thing about exposed buttons is it works really well going into summer too. A button down denim dress works so well all by itself, all you have to do is simply throw on your favourite sandals and you've got yourself the perfect, vintage inspired look ready for the sun! 

Away from exposed buttons and floral tea dresses which can seem a little obvious when discussing vintage, I've got to talk about all the dreamy blouse out there at the moment which look like they were transported right from the fifties, sixties aaaand seventies! Now normally I tend to stick to the same sorts of blouse and end up repeat buying until I've got drawers full of virtually the same design!
This season however, there is so much variety out there and so many high street brands are bringing out their own unique designs that it's hard to stick to the same formula... Which is good news for my chest of drawers I guess.
Starting with the fifties and also one of my wardrobe staples- polka dot blouses have returned this year in full force. But where I would normally opt for a classic navy and cream spot the past month or so has seen so many different colour combinations, you'll have a polka dot for every occasion. I'm particularly drawn to red based prints with a smaller dot which look absolute adorable in a blouse, a dress and/or with a tan. Coordinate your red with matching rouge lips for that super fifties glam feel. Alternatively sickly sweet tones such as pastel pink, blue and mint green are emerging and they look absolutely heavenly teamed with metallics (always a favourite of mine). Think fifties ice cream parlour meets Sandra Dee. Don't forget to tie it in at the waist!

Moving on to a more sixties feel look out for contrast stitching on shirts with big collars and even bigger cuffs for that really mod, go go girl look. This trend works particularly well in monochromes which is synonymous with sixties style. If contrast stitching isn't loud and proud enough for you, I would say give contrast panelling a go instead- Topshop currently have the most amazing blush blouse available with contrasting burgundy cuffs and collar- this look definitely veers more towards a seventies styles but no one said you had to strictly stick to one era did they?
Speaking of seventies there's one trend which really draws on the essence of this era and that's the Pyjama or loose fit shirt in geometric/large scale prints (it's also the trend I'm wearing in this post). I would almost be inclined to say that the more garish the better but I've personally gone for this super subtle, loose fit shirt from Topshop's most recent Boutique collection. The really nice thing about this particular look is it's a great one for all year round and can easily be worn in winter under your favourite (ideally cord) pinafore.

Ok so ramble over, I feel like I've covered most of the pieces you guys should be looking for to incorporate a little bit of vintage into your wardrobes without having to spend hours trawling round a million different thrift stores. And just to make life that little better easier for you all I will fill this post with lots and lots of carousels featuring some of my top high street, "vintage inspired" pieces that you can buy right now. So I guess you could say this is the cheat's way to dressing retro but no one need know the difference... Your secrets safe with me!

"Oh this old thing... It's vintage!"

Sophia x

My Outfit- Geometric Loose Fit Shirt- Topshop Boutique, Green Adventurine Healing Pendent- Daisy London, Wide Leg Flared Jean- Maje, Brown Suede Lace Up Boot- By Far

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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