Lazy Girl's Guide- The Boiler Is Mine

I'm not going to lie, I'm really very excited to start dressing for Autumn. It's not that I'm booting summer out of the door but just that it was good whilst it lasted, we've definitely had our fill and now it's comfortably time to move on to the next season. For the first time in years I feel like I've made good use out of my summer wardrobe and although I love it dearly, I'm quite happy to start pulling out my favourite knitwear pieces and trusty boots. This Autumn we're seeing one particular piece come through in a big old way and it's the boiler suit. And when I say "big", I mean it. The boiler suit is literally one hefty item of clothing and spare space in your wardrobe is most definitely needed to accommodate for it! Oh and good luck trying to wash and dry it in a hurry but let's move swiftly on...

With a big commitment to my wardrobe space comes big planning and for me the boiler suit is most definitely my transitional style item of choice. This probably comes as no surprise as it's not a million miles away from my all time favourite dungarees. Unlike dungarees however I feel like a boiler suit is something we approach with caution. It seems a little out there doesn't it? I completely understand where a lot of our hesitation comes from, after all this is the one item of clothing which can very easily make you look like your local odd jobs man and that's not exactly the vibe we're going for. That said it's my personal believe that the boiler suit is one of the easiest item you can own and so I thought I'd bring back my much loved "Lazy Girl's Guide", showing you how to very effortlessly style the boiler suit for both day and evening. Just trust me on this, you don't have to be an expert in mechanics to own this item of clothing and once you embrace it with confidence, well then you'll never have it off.

Day Dreaming

As a lover of lazy dressing the boiler suit has my name written all over it. As it's basically a one piece- and not to state the obvious here- a boiler suit literally does all the work for you. It's the ideal outfit for those days when you have no idea what to wear or you just can't be arsed deciding. And here's the best part... It actually doesn't require a great deal of styling or effort at all. Sorry I've suddenly realised this blog post is a complete cheat. I guess maybe it's best you read it less as a style guide and more as style encouragement because when all is said and done the boiler suit is what it is, it's just all about feeling confident enough to wear it. First rule of overall club: The boiler suit doesn't own you, you own the boiler suit! 
One of my favourite factors to wearing a boiler suit is how bloody comfy it is (bar those moments when you need the toilet and have to basically stripe down to make it happen) and this makes it not just the ideal day piece but a staple denim item! When shopping for a day boiler suit I would always look for the more boyish shapes. Try to go for a longer, wider leg and a looser fitting top half for extra comfort, you don't want to be wearing something all day which feels restricting. This Topshop boiler suit I'm wearing is ideal for day dressing because it's in a soft denim making it as comfy as your favourite onesie however the contrast stitching and chunky belt give it that heavy duty denim feel you're looking for. 
I've styled this Topshop boiler with my favourite high tops of the season by Alexa Chung for Superga, which are equally as comfy and easy to throw own whatever the weather (take thats statement with pinch of salt, these trainers are satin and therefore most definitely NOT rain friendly). Lastly I've kept my jewellery simple, your boiler suit is doing the talking for you and accessories with too much of a statement can make your outfit look a little on the busy side. I love this And Other Stories gold chain I treated myself to because much like my boiler suit it's simple but bold. I've been wearing it with a plain white tee as a nice way to change up my look whilst still looking very classic and not a touch too fussy. 

Night Fever

Now it's pretty much a no brainer that the boiler suit is a close relative of the jumpsuit, if not effectively the same item with just a different name and with this in mind there's no escaping it's gigantic nod to the fashion of the Seventies where jumpsuit's were king. This is the really the best place to start for style inspiration when dressing your boiler suit for a more evening look. Now we don't necessarily want to go over board with this Seventies theme as it can potentially enter fancy dress territory. Try and stir clear of looking like an extra from Night Fever or the fifth member of Abba! Instead subtle hints to the Seventies are most definitely recommended for giving your boiler suit a more glitz- ever so slightly bt not too much super trooper- feel.
I absolutely adore this Sister Jane one piece because in true boiler style it's pretty much done half the job for you as a one stop, perfect evening look. The heart buckle with diamante detailing is such a sweet touch, injecting that all important glamour we're searching for from our evening look. I would highly recommend you invest in another of this season's must have items, the hair slide in a matching diamante for that little extra sparkle to your outfit. Where our day time look was all about simply throwing on the boil suit and keeping it as comfortable as possible, for the evening we want to add items which really make your outfit stand out from the crowd. I would always go for a light wash denim as for me this tends to suit metallics more and lord knows I love a silver accessory for a night on the tiles. If light denim isn't your thing than why not opt for bold tones such as pink, deep red or even mustard if you're feeling super confident with your colours?
As your boiler suit is basically ready to go from the offset I think a statement boot is definitely needed to make this outfit your own. I've gone for my trusty silver Camilla Elphick boots which have basically seen me through every evening outfit for the past two years (what a wise investment). Not only do they go nicely with the buckle detailing on my boiler suit but they are the perfect seventies reference I'm looking for. I've then add that extra touch of luxe with a cute little blush pink velvet bag from Staud which give my overall look a slightly more feminine feel. And as quick as you can say "yes sir I can boogie", I'm ready for the dance floor in no time at all!
Whatever your preference, whether it's day time strolling or night time dancing there's no need to feel scared of embracing the boiler suit. This is an easy, effortless item for throwing on or throwing shapes. Don't over think it, the joy of a boiler suit is it's ready made out fit in one which can easily apt itself to any occasion. It's all about sitting back, relaxing and letting your suit do it's job... And all without a work tool or car engine in sight!

Sophia x

Day Outfit Details: Contrast Stitch Boiler Suit- Topshop, Satin High Tops- Alexa Chung X Superga, Gold Link Chain Necklace- And Other Stories

Evening Outfit Details: Diamante Detail Boiler Suit- Sister Jane, Silver Boots- Camilla Elphick, Pink Crushed Velvet Bag- Staud at Matches

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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