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One of the things I love most about Manchester is how much character and charm is compact into one amazing city centre. Some of my favourite spots to hang out are dotted around Manchester but the great thing about this city is that all are walking distance from each other! It's just so easy to have a day out wondering aimlessly, visiting my favourite spots along the way. These are always my favourite days and require the upmost easy, effortless and comfy outfits! My first port of call when styling myself for a day of wondering has got to be FitFlop's Slides, they're super simple in design so can be teamed with virtually any outfit and they're so ridiculously comfy you'll feel like you've left the house in your favourite, well loved slippers! I always opt for a timeless, tan coloured sandal like FitFlop's Slides as they tend to act as a neutral tone which is easily matched with pretty much any colour. 

If a Slide isn't really in your style than next on my must have list is FitFlop's Leather Cross Back Strap sandal which is another very classic shape. So classic you'll probably find you just keep pulling them out year after year! The Cross Back Strap sandal has a slightly more substantial sole than the Slide but it's super cushioned and genuinely feels like you'r bouncing around on a cloud! I would gladly wonder around Manchester in these sandals all day and as I am at my happiest in my city with my favourite footwear on I thought I'd share a step by step account of what this kind of day looks like for me. A personal guided tour if you will!
One building I really adore in Manchester is the Art Gallery and I think this is a ideal start to our tour. It's a beautiful building which is the perfect escape from the hustle and the bustle of the city. I often visit here when I just need a moment to switch off and relax. It's just so peaceful and there's something about aimlessly wondering round a gallery looking at beautiful pieces of art which is massively therapeutic! There's been some pretty amazing exhibitions displayed here with my favourite being the Vogue 100 which celebrated a century with the world's leading bible of style. I small tip from me to you- if you're ever in need of a little pick me up or some inspiration then this is the place to go. Alternatively if you're not much of a culture vulture, there' the sweetest cafe inside and a pretty impressive gift shop too!
Once I've finished walking round the Art Gallery at a rather glacial pace I tend to head to the coolest spot in town, The Northerner Quarter. This is the area to go to if you love independent shopping and cute little cafes or bars! There's always something new and exciting to see as street art is common place in The Northern Quarter. For the most colourful splashes of art I'd take a little trip down to Stevenson Square. It's lined in so many great bars and is decorated in some rather interesting illustrations. From Stevenson Square I make my way to my ultimate place to go when I'm at a loose end, Ezra & Gil. Now Ezra & Gil is a cafe with such an amazing vibe I guarantee you will want to spend your entire day in there... As I often do with my laptop for company. Not only does Ezra have the bets scrambled eggs, Chai latte aaaand granola in town but it also has the best seat in the house for people watching. Simply take a pew at one of their window seats and stare until your heart is content.
After you've spent more than enough time in Ezra & Gill drinking more coffee than humanly possible, you're probably feeling a little peckish and in need of a change of scenery right? Well in that case I would whole heartedly advise you head around 5 minutes down the road to a little restaurant called West Corner. The restaurant looks like it came start out of Fifties New Yorks and one of the reasons I love this place so much is because it actually reminds me of one of my favourite paintings, NightHawks by Edward Hopper! Silly, I know but the truth all the same. Much like my favourite painting, there's just something super homely, inviting and very, very retro about West Corner that I just can't get enough of. And it doesn't end of the decor, the food here is well worth trying! At the risk of sounding a little too healthy, West Corner does the best Cobb Salad you will ever have and after a long day of walking (sort of) you will definitely have earned this one. Be warned this is a salad which comes with serious amounts of cheese, bacon and avocado so it's definitely one for the diet cheaters of the world! It that doesn't float your boat than I reckon the Steak Sandwich might...
After I've immersed myself in culture, drank all the coffee and overloaded on carbs/salads at West Corner I'd say it's time to take me, my feet and my- still very- comfortable sandals off home! And if you still don't feel like you've experience my favourite kind of day to it's full extend then why not walk in my shoes and try it for yourself soon? Or alternatively why not LITERALLY walk in my shoes by shopping my top picks from FitFlop's Sandal Collection below.

Happy walking,
Sophia x

Photography by Rosie Butcher
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