Summer Style- Pistachio Magnifico

My blog has been a very quiet place recently, sorry for the radio silence guys but I've wanted to make it my aim for the year to ensure I'm only writing when it's 100% relevant and I actually feel like I've got something to say. That said the fact I've not written a post in a few weeks would kinda indicate that I've had absolutely nothing going on and therefore I have absolutely nothing to pen down! This is completely not the case and I still stand by my point a few blog posts back in which I mentioned this year is going by quicker than I can comprehend! I feel like I've been so none stop that I've not even had chance to compute we're almost in sniffing distance of summer which subsequently means I've not really had a chance to think of my "summer appropriate" wardrobe or look at what goodies are out there in the shops at the moment. I've spent the last few weeks, very naughtily living in jeans and tees day in day out... Something I'm well aware I was making a conscious effort NOT to do. Whoops! This week however I've put my bum firmly in gear and I'm starting to actually slow down a little, taking the time to hunt through vintage stores again and sort through my wardrobe. I promise you there will be more seasonally focussed outfits on the blog very soon but for now this one will have to do!

I always find there's that first week of brilliant weather in April/May (with this year's being the Easter weekend just gone) which suddenly spring you into action and puts you straight in the mood for summer style. I've loved spending the weekend in some of my favourite dresses and blouses which hadn't seen the light of day in a ten months or so. It's the wardrobe refresh you truly need! This year I'm trying desperately not to succumb to a plethora of trends which for some reason I feel can be more challenging to avoid in summer. My summer style has always lent itself heavily to a vintage inspired, French girl aesthetic but over the last few years this has been a trend used in abundance by pretty much every high street/luxury fashion retailer out there. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this, it's actually nice to have an array of floral midi skirts, button down camis and basket bags available to choose from however I'm only human and it's easy to grow a teeny, tiny bit bored of seeing this look everywhere and on everyone. I'd actually go as far as to say the selection out there has become a little overwhelming and after last year it started to feel like you either wore the French girl look or nothing at all. With this is mind I felt like last summer I tried to hard to move away from this trend- although I do begrudge calling it a "trend" when it's just your personal style- and inevitably ended up feeling a little lost. 

This year I want to go back to basics, I don't want to buy too much but simply a few add on pieces I think bring something new to you wardrobe and give it a little bit of a refresh! This year for me personally I think the best way to go is with a new colour palette... But when I say palette, I basically mean one colour and one colour alone- Green! Yes this year I'm crazy about all shades green and in all honesty this has been a love which has been stewing away since last summer but I'm still fully committed to! From earthy sages, to vivid teals and most importantly tasty pistachios! We've seen so many neutral tones summer after summer and it's high time we added a little sweetness into our lives with some ice cream inspired tones! I adore pistachio because not only do I feel it adds a touch of richness and depth to any item including a plain t-shirt but it's a shade which suits any skin tone and any hair colour. There's an ethereal feel to it if you're pale (like me) or alternatively a sherbet fresh look about it against a darker skin tone. What's more I've already spied it cropping up in some of my favourite shops (my favourite pieces I've gladly shared in this post) making it super easy to add into your wardrobe. Green is playful, vibrant and most importantly wearable! Exactly the kind of new addition I've been pining for (excuse the greenery related pun) in my summer style. 
This year Pistachio isn't just my favourite ice cream flavour but it's most certainly my favourite colour.

Sophia x

Huge thank you to the lovely team at Victoria Baths Manchester for letting me loose in your amazing building for this shoot!

What I'm Wearing: Cream Vintage Cut T-Shirt- Redone at My Thersea, Gingham Green Linen Jumpsuit- Mango at ASOS, Brown Woven Sandals- Sezane (gifted), Gold Shell Pendant Necklace, Sezane (gifted)
Photography by Rosie Butcher

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