Come Fly With Me, Come iD With Me

This week I took a little trip down to Manchester Airport where I visited their lovely new pop up Clinique stand! The stand is in celebration of the brand's very clever, very versatile new hydrator Clinique iD. To put it simply Clinique iD is a lifesaver for anyone out there who finds their skin doesn't just fit into one typecast... Which I think is applicable to most of us really isn't it? It allows you to customise the hydrator any which way you think is best for your skin. We can personalise pretty much anything these days from handbags to birthday cards, so why not tailor the one thing which is probably the most personal to us all, our skin regime! Clinique iD allows you to pick the right hydrator for you, targeting your specific needs and most importantly your biggest concerns. The cherry on the cake is that personalising your own hydrator couldn't be easier!

Creating your own Clinique iD Hydrator really is as easy as 1, 2, 3! In fact this is actually quite literal as you can have your very own hydrator is just three very easy, breezy steps. No fuss, just clear steps which concentrate on exactly what is right for you and your lovely face. Step One is all about choosing the correct base. There are exactly three bases to choose from all of which cater to your lifestyle. Simply choose between an Oil Control Gel, ideal for those of us who tend to find our skin is a little on the oily/shiny side and want to avoid a heavy duty moisturiser. Or pick a Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, perfect for those of us with dry skin who want to lock in as much moisturise as possible (and not to do the hard sell on you guys but this is in fact the UK's number one moisturiser so surely it's got to be doing something incredibly right). Or make like me and pick Clinique's Hydrating Jelly! For me this hydrator just felt so right for my lifestyle as it offers 24 hour protection against pollution, so when I'm travelling here, there and everywhere I can be safe in the knowledge that my skin isn't going to pay the price for it. What's more the Hydrating Jelly is also oil free and when trying it out for size I was so pleased with how fresh and light the consistency felt. No sticky, heavy texture just a healthy glow ideal for travel days! 
Step number two is all about selecting the right cartridge to add into your hydrator (the colourful, rather fancy little stick which neatly slots into the middle of your bottle). Now this is the step which I absolutely loved because I feel like it's the part which really recognises your concerns and needs. You are able select from a wide range of cartridges designed to target a specific area which you personally feel needs a little help in the right direction. You can select from concerns such as lines, fatigue, irritation, pores or as I picked uneven skin tone. I find most of the time I'm either going through a break out on my skin or I'm suffering with the aftermath which are red patches where the blemishes once were! A busy lifestyle added into the mix doesn't seem to help matters, with my skin tone often appearing a little patchy from different environments, temperatures and long hours wearing make up. Clinique's uneven skin tone cartridge simply helps to calm your skin down and give it back the brightness you want. Added Japanese Angelica Root also helps to improve skin pigmentation to create a much more even, healthy looking skin tone.
Once you've selected your hydrator and your cartridge, step three is an absolute breeze. You simply add the two products together (following the easiest instructions) and TA DA!... You've got yourself your very own perfect, super personal hydrator for every day use. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like selecting the right products for me and my skin is hugely important and I now feel completely comforted in the fact I've hand picked what exactly is going into my hydrator and what exactly it can do for me! What I love most about Clinique's iD Hydrator is just how multifunctional it is! My hydrator now tackles a number of my skin concerns in just one go, completely eliminating the need for a whole host of unnecessary add-on products. My hydrator isn't only perfect for my skin but the ideal travel companion for packing a little lighter. Next time you're on your travels why not pop by the Clinique stand and try iD for yourself or for even more convenience simply you can Click & Collect via the Manchester Airport Website before you travel. Just visit the link below:

Happy Travels! Happy Skin!

Sophia x

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