Sweet Talkin' Girls- Podcast Launch

The time has finally come to share some rather exciting news- Me and my amazing friend Alice Catherine have started our very own little podcast "On The Outskirts"! Truth be told we've actually been toying with the idea of joining forces for quite some time now and after many a discussion on the subject we finally decided to kick ourselves into gear and make it happen. As with any new venture or project there's always that dreaded feeling of the unknown and I'd be lying if I said the prospect of starting a podcast didn't at times fill me with beginners fear. I'm a real stickler for concentrating on the negatives when it comes to trying out something new and before we'd even began creating "On The Outskirts" I was already over worrying about hypothetical if's and but's. I feel so incredibly lucky to have had Alice by my side to encourage me along and give me the push I needed to enter the unknown. Of course I still feel a little nervy putting our podcast out there into the world but I'm only human and now the first episode is up and running, I definitely feel a sense of pride that we actually made it happen.
So why did we decide to start a podcast? Both myself and Alice are bloggers who live and work in Manchester but with the majority of the blogging and fashion industry in London we often find ourselves feeling a little on the outskirts of it all. Don't get me wrong this isn't necessarily a feeling of loneliness as we've both made some incredible friends working within the blogging industry but when the majority of the blogosphere are down south it's only naturally we'd feel a little out of the loop from time to time. Both myself and Alice often chat about our experiences within blogging, from the daily ins and out to admittedly having the odd moan. I honestly can't begin to tell you how amazing and utterly comforting it is to have that one person to talk to and let off steam, who completely "gets it" and relates. There's a lot to be said for a good conversation with a friend and as we don't for a minute think we're the only ones out there that can sometimes feel a little out of the loop with life, we decided we wanted to share our chats. We wanted to create a podcast which is just completely honest, open and inclusive. Nothing groundbreaking, just simply a chit chat between friends where mostly importantly, everyone is welcome to join in.
For the first episode we decided to ease ourselves in gently with a little introduction about "On The Outskirts" followed by a Q&A based on questions sent into us via Instagram. Hopefully this 
can act as a little taster episode and give you a slight idea of what to expect in the episodes that follow. For each episode we're hoping to concentrate on one specific subject from body image to friendships, giving our honest thoughts and opinions as we go! 

The first episode is now available for you to have a little listen to so go make yourself a cup of tea, pull up a seat and join in the chat. We really do hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Wish us luck,
Sophia x

Photography By Rosie Butcher
Suit gifted by John Lewis

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