Tailor Made Winter Style

I think at one point or another we're all guilty of falling into that age old trap of wearing jeans like a bad habit. You know the one where every morning you wake up, stare aimlessly into your wardrobe with such good intentions, indecisively trying to construct an outfit together in your head, before eventually opting for the easy way out and grabbing those trusty stone washed jeans which were calling your name the entire time. I've been playing out this scene a lot over the last month as I find myself slowly but surely getting sucked into the denim trap once more. The problem is quite simple- right now I just want to be comfy and my jeans have never let me down. I know they don't make for the most groundbreaking outfit but they do the job. It's just too cold and too miserable to even consider opting for one of the many perfectly lovely dresses I own and yet some how this poor excuse doesn't seem to help curb the ever increasing guilt I feel every morning when I choose the easy option yet again and shun the rest of my wardrobe. For the record, if you're wearing a well put together outfit which involves a skirt, dress or jumpsuit in the cold, wet Manchester whether, well then I salute you and I think you should know you have your shit together.

I'm forever searching for a nice, realistic alternative to jeans or more importantly the safety blanket of comfort they give me. It may be a tall order but basically all I want is ease and comfort whilst still looking like I made some sort of effort and guess what?... I think I've managed to sneakily find the answer. My latest wardrobe love affair has got to be a tailored tartan or check trouser. A little brave for some, I understand but once you've put your big girl pants on (literally) and find the courage, I think you'll definitely agree that a check trouser will soon become a wardrobe necessity. They'e smart enough to trick the rest of the world (even those aforementioned heroic skirt wearing ladies who clearly have it together) into thinking you've really put the effort into your outfit but casual (and comfy, let's not forget comfy) enough to throw on with a slouchy jumper and Converse for a kinda grungey feel. Plain trousers are great but for my personally they sit firmly into the work wear category and I find it hard to see passed this. A tartan pant on the other hand is something I could gladly wear on the weekend and not feel like I'm just about to clock in for overtime. They're bright and playful whilst being incredibly easy to style.

Go on! You can do it. Give your jeans a day off and try something new. See my selection of jazzy tartan trousers available this season and a few pieces I'd quite like to style with them dotted within this post.

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Camel Wool Jacket- Arket (gifted), Green oversized knitted jumper- Arket (gifted), check straight leg tailored trouser- Warehouse, Scotchgrain satchel- Acne Studios X Mulberry, brown leather loafer- Gucci at Selfridges 

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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  1. Very nice post, Winter outfit the girl is wearing is very cool and her trouser is very eye catchy.