Black Velvet If You Please

Party wear posts have become a little early December tradition of mine and I've got to admit they're something I always look forward to writing. Kinda ironic considering a lot of my party wear posts are often around themes such as "Easy Party Outfits" or "A Lazy Girl's Guide To..." because let's face it dressing "out out" just isn't my bag and so every year I try to style festive looks together using pieces I feel comfortable in and that don't warrant sky high heels to work. This year I've decided not to over complicate things and I'm going back to basics. I've finally come to the conclusion that when it comes to dressing to impress over the festive season there really is just one fail safe item you need in your wardrobe. This post is simply an ode to the black velvet dress because after years and years of never letting me down, I just think this item deserves it.

The black velvet dress must be doing something right because it's managed to main itself as a style hero for decades now- albeit shifting in shape slightly as the years go by, from baby doll in the sixties, maxi in the seventies, body con in the eighties (see Robert Palmers "Addicted To Love" video for more details please) or smocked in the nineties. Yes, the velvet dress has had her fair share of face lifts over the past half a century but it's not actually the shape which makes this dress what it is. It's that sumptuous texture which some how has the ability to make any item of clothing instantly look luxurious and most importantly night time appropriate. Case in point is a vintage black velvet mini skirt I've had in my wardrobe for years, which has basically carried my through the last 11 winters (I kid you not) because not only is it comfy and classic but it's just so ridiculously easy to style with most blouses and roll necks whilst maintaining a more evening feel, just team with a black patent Mary-Jane and I'm ready to go dancing! 
A black velvet dress does virtually all the talk for you so keep it very, very simple and it's my personal belief that the more you over complicate it, the more you'll spoil the outfit. A black velvet dress is classic and should be styled accordingly with just a timeless red lip, 10 denier tights and a patent boot (again see "Addicted To Love" video for more information and absolute eighties inspiration) for a show stopping look I guarantee you won't tire of. Alternatively my favourite- still simple- way to style a velvet dress is to add a little bit of twinkle because December 'Tis the season and I find this allows you to have a little bit of fun with your outfit. You may have notice I adore gold and silver shoes and in case you were wondering, yes they do go down storm with black velvet. Whether it's a sparkly tight, copious amounts of glitter eyeshadow or statement hair pieces/earrings, velvet acts as the perfect backdrop to make these little add on details really shine through! Once you find your dress of choice, it's just a case of changing up you glittering accessories year after year for the perfect "same but different" look which never grows old. For ease (because we know I'm all about making things easy) I've added some of my velvet dress on the high street at the moment into this post. 

It's time to find your perfect velvet dress for an easy December this year and ever year after...

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Diamante Detail Velvet Mini Dress- And Other Stories, Silver Mary Janes- Carel Paris, Silver Bag- Vintage

Photography by Catherine Booty

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