Joanie Clothing Tees- Take Two

So here we are! Another year and my second Joanie Clothing t-shirt collaboration consisting of eight brand spanking new designs for you to feast your eyes on! The success of collection numero uno absolutely blew me away and to say the amazing reaction we got came as a surprise would be a complete understatement. Truth be told in hindsight I don’t know what I was expecting from the first collection- it very much felt like stepping into unknown territory and was a huge learning curve; from working with the team and communicating my ideas clearly, to actually finding out which ones you all liked and which ones didn't work. It was a big step out of my comfort zone and one I'm so glad I took. So when Joanie Clothing approached me to create a second collection, I’d have been crazy to say no and this time I was armed with lessons learnt, fresh ideas and a boost in confidence. 

The new collection certainly holds the same ethos as the last. I wanted to create wearable t-shirts I felt every girl's wardrobe was in some way missing. As with the last collection I was pretty certain I also wanted to maintain that classic, vintage inspired look which worked so well. For me it's important that every T-shirt has it’s own unique character so that within the collection there was something for everyone, so each design truly resonates with the wearer and means something to them personally. It was equally important to me that every T-shirt had a little bit of my personality injected into it, I really didn't want us to create a design which I had nothing to say about and with this in mind you could say we've gone with an accidental cinematic theme. For the record I’m a huge film geek and have been since I was very young and this in turn has had such a huge impact on my personal style. I’ve drawn inspiration from a whole host of films which I hold so dear to my heart, it just came naturally to pay homage to them within this collection. I really hope these tees resonate with the Joanie girl as much as they do with me and most importantly I hope they make you smile. So let’s meet the gang…

Pachanga is a t-shirt which really needs no introduction. It's plays homage to the cult classic films we grew up with, watch religiously and knowing every line, play by play. Some of my all time favourite films have had such a huge impression on my personal taste and on my wardrobe, with a whole host of leading ladies topping my list of ultimate style heroines. I'm so thrilled for the Pachanga tee to play the leading lady in my latest Joanie T-shirt collection tee as it's lovingly inspired by nostalgia and a lot of happy memories. It's for all the fellow romantics and aspiring (Pachanga, Mambo and Flash) dancers out there... Come on, who hasn't tried out some of the silver screens most iconic dance routines in the privacy of their living rooms before? 

The new take on Thorlby- like the original but cooler… No literally cooler, blue tones. We thought this old favourite just needed a little refresh and we think this incredible vintage aqua tone does just the trick. The new colour combination gives her a boyish make over which will go down a storm with both your favourite stone washed jeans and possibly within your boyfriend's wardrobe too. It's still an ode to one of my best friends and I'm so thrilled it was a firm favourite with you guys. This is a tee which will happily accompany you to the beach, at a festival or out to brunch, just like a good best pal would.

 Dustin is proof that I have the most bizarre style heroes sometimes! For this tee I took inspiration from a little unknown TV series, you might possibly have heard of and just a hint of geek chic. I’m a sucker for a “club” inspired t-shirt and Dustin is the ultimate style for your wardrobe promising to take you to the moon and back! I really wanted him to look like something your dad has handed down to you from his days at space camp in the seventies and eighties- a tee which back then would have been a little nerdy but just gets cooler with age and I think we've definitely achieved that. He's jet black jersey and vivid primary colour print means that as he fades with wear (and love) he literally will look cooler with age too!

Everybody’s got a dream and mine is to own a Vivian/Kitt Deluca inspired t-shirt, isn't it yours? A true romantic at heart, my obsession for a tourist t-shirt continues teamed with my love for a classic rom/com, mix both of these things together and you get the effortlessly cool, kinda eighties inspired Mulholland. I adore the use of "Americana" colours we've opted for in this T-shirts print which act as an ode to one of America's long standing sweethearts starring in Pretty Women. Eighties inspiration aside, Mulholland is a pretty timeless design in her classic white boyfriend shape and this means that year after year you can easily throw it on and continually feel like a million bucks (or THREE THOUSAND dollars).

 Last year I really got to fall in love with New York as I was lucky enough to take my first- non work related- trip there with my boyfriend. I don't think it's actually possibly to visit NYC and not feel inspired, especially when you realise how many of your favourites films are set/shoot there (Washington Square Park is one of my favourite spots for it's atmosphere in summer and the fact it's featured in When Harry Set Sally). Jonah is an ode to New York via one of my many favourite rom/coms. Eighties Rom Coms are always the genre I turn to when I'm feeling a little down because they forever manage to make me feel homely and pick me up, it was important for Jonah to have the same feel good vibe. This t-shirt is a little reminder of the magic in New York, a good romantic film and a great t-shirt.

 I studied film in college, it was by far my favourite subject and really cemented my love of cinema. Studying film really opened my eyes to a whole world of different genres including Film Noir and French New Wave, the latter which would go on to play such a huge role in inspiring my personal style. One of the cinematography terms which always stood out to me was the adorably named “Meet Cute”- the moment when two characters who will form a romantic relationship first meet (a term made famous by that Christmas film classic, The Holidays).  I absolutely adored that the meeting of two people in film had it's own term and as a true romantic I’m a firm believer that we experience our own real life Meet Cutes all the time, whether it’s in our partners (obviously), in your best friend, in your pup or in an amazing t-shirt you’ve just got to have. Wilder makes me smile, it is a nod to the escapism of a good film and real life romance.

Sister style to last year’s “Lynne” which I therefore aptly named after my eldest sister, the Melanie t-shirt is a truly mystical and very cool kinda girl. I love the idea of your destiny being set out for you and it’s all in the palm of your hand for you to behold, there's something a little empowering about this don't you think? You inevitably create your own story whether you're aware of it or not and wherever you're going in life, I promise you're going the right way. Melanie is in an effortlessly cool faded charcoal colour which means she twins perfectly with last years "Pep" tee as well as "Lynne", together this trio of t-shirts make one almighty girl gang filled with magic.The Melanie t-shirt is definitely a style for a a headstrong girl who sets her own path, creates her own fortune and dresses by her own rules. 

It wouldn't be my collection if there wasn’t a little seventies inspiration thrown in there and that’s where we say hello to the oh so amazing Harrison t-shirt. We’ve taken inspiration from a whole host of vintage culture for this tee; from roller discos and retro sportswear, to one of my all time favourite musical heroes/style icons to create this too cool for school design. What I adore most about Harrison is we haven't over done the seventies inspiration, I wanted to maintain a timeless feel to this tee and I think we achieved that with his simple, minimal graphic and subtle retro design such as the ringer detailing on the arms and neck. Another cool- yet still low key- detail is Harrison's flocked print in burnt orange which gives him his unmistakable vintage feel. This is a guy who definitely fits in to any festival outfit nicely! Simply add with your favourite high top’s for a touch of boyish charm.

So there you have the full gang! All eight of them just waiting to find a place in your wardrobe. Please do let me know which one is your favourite and why as I'm so eager to hear what you think. Can't wait to see this tees being worn by you guys!

Sophia x

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Photography by Catherine Booty

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