Don't Bring Me Down

This post is inspired by the week's current (ever unfolding) events, pesky Mercury in retrograde, trolls and possibly a little dose of hormones for good measure. To summarise, the last few months have been an absolute abysmal corker in the bad luck department. I can say with 100% confidence that I've experienced my fair share of of mishaps, set backs and the odd bust up. Individually, each occurrence has- in the grand scheme of things- been minuscule and collectively, you're classic case of "first world problems". I'm acutely aware that at large my life is perfectly fine and when these problems are put into context, they really just don't matter that much at all but credit where credits due, my luck just really has played a massive number on me. Then when you add the increasingly frightening and completely inescapable news into the mix, I'd say I'm all but ready to graciously take a step back from 2020 and admit that maybe, just maybe 2019 wasn't that bad after all...

As great as venting about just how shocking 2020 has been so far feels, it's so important to remember that right now is a time for nothing but positivity, as challenging as that may be and with this in mind I'm officially putting a ban on any further negative energy planning to pass my way. I suggest you do the same because let's be honest, we've all unequivocally had our fill to last the rest of this decade. No matter how bad mine or anyone else's luck is right now and no matter what my TV is telling me, I refuse to compute it any further. This isn't me being ignorant or naive, I'm well aware of the situation at hand but I simply feel like one more voice of doom adding to the ever growing noise we're continually faced with, just isn't going to bring anything to the table or do anyone any good. 

As it stands right now it's essential to try and stay at home where possible. Granted this is a big lifestyle change for some people, there's no doubt about that but it seems like the most proactive thing you can do, and the reason I've decided to write this post is because I think a lot of us out there probably need a little reminder to try use this time as best as possible. When the chips are down there is really no one better than yourself at turning things around and I'm a firm believer that not only does negative headspace spread like wild fire but it's also ridiculously counterproductive and let's face it, just so mentally draining. See this time indoors not as "isolation" (is there anyone else out there who finds this phrase a little daunting and unhelpful in high anxiety moments like this?), restricting or as time wasted but as an opportunity to keep your spirits high. Utilise the time you have doing what you love and appreciating life's little pleasures completely guilt free. 
I know this post probably sounds a bit nauseating and airy fairy- believe me it's completely out of character for a woman who just a couple of weeks ago very nearly cried when she smashed her favourite mug because "it was just the last straw after a bad few days"- but I just don't think it's my job to deliver more bad news and perpetuate this underlining sense of complete panic. I do however think its well within my job description to create content I love for a like minded audience to enjoy and so at the risk of seeming "oblivious" -which isn't the case- I'm going to continue doing so because right now I feel a bit of "normality" and light hearted conversation is exactly what's needed. If you agree and you like seeing my content than great, but if you don't than that's fine too but whatever you decide please do leave your negativity at the door. Without this becoming a sob story I think it's an occupational hazard for "influencers" is to receive criticism for creating content which is often too idealistic and seemingly out of of touch, but then no one reads a fashion magazine and complains about the lack of politics mentioned, so why don't the same standards apply to social media/that beauty blogger you've been following for years? 

Culturally we live in a time when we're made to feel compelled to have an opinion on absolutely everything and it's possible that bloggers (etc, etc) are simply an easy target to impose this upon. I worry that we're maybe forgetting that you don't have to be an expert on everything, no one is perfect and you shouldn't expect these unrealistic standards of anyone. If I don't know what I'm talking about or I don't have an educated opinion on something than I personally believe it's best and far less problematic to just stay quiet. This week in particular- the cherry on my crappy month sundae- I had a troll harp up and openly demand I "give up" (exact words) my platform to another woman who can use it properly and discuss what really matters not just "fluff". She basically told me to "do better". When you bear in mind that I have always mainly blogged about style and have never particularly claimed to be an expert in anything, it seems a touch unfair to ask this of me. First and foremost- I'll keep this point brief because this isn't a post on feminism and I have my aforementioned ban on negativity to uphold- I think there is something inherently wrong with one woman telling another woman "she isn't good enough and she doesn't deserve the things she's worked for". Women have had this kind of subliminal gas lighting for decades and I'm not about to start being guilt tripped on my own platform, especially by someone who supposedly upholds the same believes as myself (rant over, promise). I do stand by the mindset that when most people criticise others in such an unreasonable manner, they are generally doing so for personally gain or in a subconscious bid to make themselves feel better and so in a sense it's nothing personal (even if the words they use, sometimes are). That said this isn't a good enough excuse and it definitely shouldn't be tolerated.

The silver lining behind all of this was the wonderful response I received from other women who took the time to not only show their support towards me but to express that this kind of negativity isn't acceptable anymore. But that's just one of the wonderful things about social media! For all it's flaws- of which there are many- it has this incredible power to unit people. boost them up and make them feel counted for. When we're being instructed to "isolate", social media is there to remind us that we're not alone and that life goes on. Right now more than ever I've personally felt social media act as a form of escapism when bad news just feels so all consuming. The only things I've seen manifest from a negative attitude is angry opinions, anxious thoughts and more weirdly, mass panic buying of toilet roll. Staying positive really is the only way for self preservation and peace of mind, so in the midst of all the noise this is my little message of positivity for whoever needs to read it and for those who don't, well then... don't!

Chin up guys and stay safe.

Sophia x

Photography by Catherine Booty

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