A Dose Of Coastal Air

Wow things move at lightning speed around here these days and suddenly tier 3 status doesn't seem like such a bad thing compared to the prospect of this week's lockdown restrictions. It's nigh on impossible to keep up with the ever changing rules and it's even more challenging to keep hopes high especially when you can't help but feel like we've gone three steps back. This last week I've found myself feeling generally exhausted and a little lacklustre as the light at the end of the tunnel moves further and further away. The funny thing is this last month (well at least the start of it) had actually felt the most "normal" in a long time. I was actually excited for Autumn, I had plans! Imagine that, actual dates in my diary which I was able to keep! I went on days out and ate in cafes, things which were so small and trivial this time last year but in 2020 I'd been pining for. Most notably a couple of weeks back I went on a mini break to Cornwall with my boyfriend Joe and Pep the dog, in hindsight we couldn't have been more lucky with our dates as we avoided tier 3 restrictions by the skin of our teeth and my heart truly goes out to all those planning staycations which have now swiftly been cancelled. I guess it's this sense of normality I experienced throughout October which  ultimately made the recent news of lockdown take 2 a hard pill to swallow. I felt progress and I was able to experience little snippets of normality which actually made me realise how much I'd missed them! Now it feels like the slate has been wiped clean and we're back to square one. But here we are all and as hard as the current circumstances may be to comprehend, we have to keep on pushing on. We can't change the situation we're in and I most definitely refuse to let it get the better of me.

I contemplated giving this blog post on our trip to Cornwall a miss. I worried it no longer felt relevant and a little bitter sweet however after a quiet word with myself I decided documenting it was one of the most proactive things I could do for both those reading my blog and my own peace of mind. I don't want to look back on 2020 in years to come as one big grey cloud, sure it's been tough but I’ve made the most of it where I could and I’ve been lucky enough to experience some really lovely memories, with Cornwall in particular being right up there. Writing out this post and sharing my film photos acts as a wonderful reminder that lockdown doesn't have to be all consuming and more importantly that better days are certainly coming, maybe not this year but soon. I really hope in turn that posts like this one act as a little escapism for you guys reading it because as always I think this is exactly what 2020 needs and I've honestly felt so honoured to be able to offer some of you a much needed dose of positivity in your day; an outfit post on Instagram, a film photo dump on here or more Pep the dog spam on my stories. It's not groundbreaking content but witnessing life continue on around you offers a really wonderful sense of comfort when you're feeling out of sorts or at a loss. Positivity isn't necessarily always about blue sky thinking and upbeat energy, but more an understanding that right now isn't the best but you're not alone and things will get better.



Cast your mind back to post pandemic life when plans were made with funds and availability in mind, not restrictions and social distancing. I had actually planned to make 2020 a year of mini UK staycations breaks rather than one big holiday away in summer (oh the irony). When you consider how much beauty us Brits have on our doorstep I've always felt so ashamed I haven't experienced more of it and so I'd wanted to make it my mission to travel around as many British beauty stops as we could... Plus it seemed like the best way to include Pep in on our adventures. Needless to say this did not happen but I'm thrilled we at least some how managed to squeeze one brief trip in and I'm so glad it was to the quaint, chocolate box setting of St Agnes in Cornwall. A little village a stone's throw away from majestic coastal scenery and beachside living, I have no doubt this area of Cornwall looks vastly different in summer when it's sunny, warm and the water is more inviting. But even in mid October St Agnes is a welcome change from industrial Manchester and due to the fact I'm petrified of water, surfing was never really going to be on my agenda. In fact there's something about coastal scenery which I personally feel looks far more awe inspiring in Autumn/Winter like the perfect backdrop to a Brontë novel, brutal but incredibly striking. It's exactly what the doctor ordered for brushing away the cobwebs and my 2020 fatigue. Winter beach walks gave my mind the slightly fresh, slightly blustery wake up call it truly needed... Oh and Pep had the time of his life.

When we weren't exploring Hollywell Bay or getting getting windswept at Trevellas Cove, we took a little trip into St Agnes centre (I use the term centre very loosely, it’s miniature) where we stocked up at the local bakery on Cornish Pasties and fudge because when in Rome! That being said for the majority of our trip we simply stayed put in our cosy little get away Cyder Barn, leaving only to head to The Miner's Arms pub for a dinner of pure comfort food. As the name suggests our self catered accommodation was a converted barn located down a very higgledy piggledy country lane, in the sleepy little area of Mithian. It's funny how this year has by no means been as busy as it normally would and yet with the log burner crackling away, the misty autumnal views outside and a coffee in my hand it felt like the switch off I truly needed, I honestly felt so thankful. Right now making plans is off the cards and the idea of a little mini break feels like a million miles away from reality but when we get through these next few weeks it's comforting to know that there are so many amazing places just like this one within reaching distance. I've never appreciated the amount of idyllic areas just on my doorstep more than I do right now and in strange way I have 2020 to thank for this...

Wishing everyone the best for the coming weeks,

Sophia x

(All photography was taken prior to tier 3/lockdown restrictions)

We stayed at Cyder Barn via Boutique Retreats, this wasn't a press stay but would wholeheartedly recommend.

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