First Post (is definitely the scariest)...

I feel like as this is my first post I kinda need to formally introduce myself? So my name's Sophia which I'm sure you'll have gathered and to cut a long story short I'm obsessed with clothes. I never stop buying! It's a monthly struggle deciding whether to spend my last £50 on food or on Topshop's new in page (Topshop wins every time). Due to this unhealthy interest and my ever expanding wardrobe I've found myself progressively posting more and more style/outfit related posts on my Instagram and strangely enough a few lovely people seem to approve. Instagram is such an awesome creative outlet but you're so limited with what you can say and I've started thinking it would be nice to explain my outfits in a bit more detail and what exactly inspires me in how I dress. I know there's so many girls out there with similar interests to mine and I would love to share my looks with them, so with that in mind I've decided to crank things up a notch and start this blog! Ahhh scary and exciting but mainly scary!

I'm kinda thinking I should have done this ages ago and now I have a back log of photos I want to share and no idea where to start! Bare with me whilst I get my bearings!

FYI this is me.
Sophia x

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  1. Hi! My name is Cecilia (@weredheads on instagram)and I'm from Italy. I recently started following your instagram and, since I love your style, I decide to take a look at your blog as well!
    Have you got any useful advice for someone who wants to start a blog (maybe about art and music)?
    Thank you in advance! Also I'm a huge fan of the Beatles,Arctic Monkeys and... Blossoms!
    Good Luck for everything and sorry for my mistakes:)