Zara Does Retro

Is it just me or is anyone else finding it an extremely stressful experience visiting a Zara store lately? Purely for the simple fact I want EVERYTHING! This season has seen Zara pretty much nail the sixties mod/seventies glam trend. From suede shirts to retro print mini dresses to cord pinafores, Zara has every aspect of retro fashion covered. One of my favourite buys in particular ("one of" being the operative two words, as I feel like I've pretty much bought the entire Zara look book in the last two months) and my outfit for today is this absolute babe of a blouse.

Floral Blouse- Zara
The blouse comes in a brown, green and pink retro inspired pattern which gives a subtle nod towards colour schemes seen on the Miu Miu AW 15/16 runway and has a pussy-bow tie collar, which adds a feminine touch. The pattern pays homage to the floral flamboyancy of the sixties/seventies whilst not going too overboard or looking like you're wearing your nan's curtains. If you are wanting to do the seventies trend but are scared of the sometimes out there prints, this shirt is a good place to start. I'm completely reminded of outfits sported by the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks and Rolling Stones in the mid to late sixties and I totally adore it!

This shirt is a pretty easy one to add in to an outfit. Wear it with high waisted trousers or a cord skirt and you can't really get it wrong. I am in love with sixties and seventies fashion however I'm a firm believer you can definitely go over the top with it! I think it's far better and easier to lend ideas from retro fashion rather then go full on sixties throw back and run the risk of looking like you're in fancy dress. Plus my advice is if you are going to go for head to toe sixties, you really have to commit to it and pay attention to detail otherwise it just looks a little off. With this is mind I've been teaming the shirt more with denim whether that's a pair of jeans or a pinafore. I just feel that denim tones it down and gives it a more relaxed day time look. Today's outfit I've gone for a denim mini skirt and a tiny nod to the seventies rather then a gigantic wave. Hope you enjoy. Sophia x

Floral Blouse- Zara
Denim Skirt- AC for AG Jeans

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  1. I absolutely adore Zara this season! I love the velvet mini dresses and pretty vintage blouses ♥
    Really enjoying your blog! :) xx