Pick (n Mix) Of My Week

This week I've fully taken on board the most wise of words "treat yourself" and rolled with them. Debatably maybe a little too much but in my defense there are so many amazing pieces out there on the high street this season and I'm only human. There's only so much self restraint I can have before enough is enough and I just have to have it all! Yes ok I probably can't have a social life for the rest of the month but at least I'll be dressed well whilst I sit at home watching Netflix and eating baked beans on toast for the sixth night in a row...

Money woes aside, I have three pretty amazing buys to share with you. All sixties inspired, sorry to keep beating you over the head with sixties trends but you cant really escape it in shops at the minute and also, hey why break a habit of a life time?

Dress- Moto At Topshop
Jersey Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Skirt- Zara
Firstly I've got to talk about this Zara skirt! What an absolute dream! It's made from a pin cord fabric and comes with detachable braces so should you prefer, you can wear it more as a pinafore. I personally feel like the skirt itself is a statement enough without making the outfit even more fussy with extra straps. The colours on this skirt are just perfect! Deep green and mustard were pretty much made for each other and are easily worn with a whole host of other rich and rusty tones which should make deciding on a top to match easy work! The print itself could be mistaken for genuine vintage, inspired by prints from sixties fashion labels like Biba and with a slight William Morris kinda vibe to it. There's quite a few sixties skirt options out there on the high street but this is definitely my favourite so far! Aaaaand at £19.99, they are practically giving it away.

Yummy Skirt- Zara

This photo and the one above- Twiggy in Biba
George Harrison in William Morris print
Next on my pick list is this burgundy, thick cord pinafore dress from Moto at Topshop. I have to hold my hands up now and admit I needed another cord dress like I needed a hole in the head, however for me this is the best one yet! It's got a zip fastening up the front which looks like you could have bought it straight out of Mary Quants boutique Bazaar back in 1964. What I really love about this dress is the belt around the waist, another sixties inspired detail but also really flattering! I'm just going to put this out there, I love cord pinafores but sometimes they can look a tiny bit like you're wearing a sack and aren't exactly complimenting, this dress however is the complete opposite. The belt squeezes you in at your waist and gives things a slightly more dressy take on the usual cord pinafore. Team it with a roll neck in the day and a printed shirt in the night, it will work and you'll be happy with your investment. See how I wore it this week below!

Cord Dress- Moto at Topshop
Mary Quant in her Icon Zip Dress- 1964
Dress- Moto at Topshop
Paisley shirt- Urban Outfitters
My last pick is this jersey shirt in mustard from Urban Outfitters, also available in burgundy it was a tough call deciding between the two colours. It's a great addition to any outfit and can be mixed with my other two picks no problem. Great for wearing under a dress or tucked into a skirt. It's still got that sixties feel but it just gives you a break from a roll neck, I love roll necks but sometimes I think they are an easy choice and you can find yourself stuck in a rut with them. This just makes a nice change and who can argue that! 

Shirt- Urban Outfitters
So there you have my three treats of the week! Hope you've enjoyed and hope I've encouraged you to go shop like me (if just to make me feel less bad about my spending overload, sorry in advance). 
Sophia x

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  1. I love all of your purchases - I've been completely enamoured with the sixties suddenly. I especially adore that Zara skirt, I spotted it while in the queue at Zara recently and it's been on my mind ever since, I might need to pay Zara another visit! I know what you mean about corduroy material being unflattering at times as I have a cord pinafore and unless I belt it, it can look awful, but the cut of that Topshop dress is lovely and the colour is stunning too! Do you have a bloglovin or anything that I could follow your blog on to keep up with your posts? I've just found your blog and I love it!xx