Barbour's Timeless Originals- My Autumn Almanac

I never understand people who choose to go away to more sunny climates in Autumn/Winter. I feel like it's the time of the year when we can truly embrace typically cold and miserable English weather. It's all part and parcel with the season; wrapping up in ten thousand layers of wool and your big winter coat, going for crisp walks and kicking around leaves like your still five years old. Getting irrationally giddy for Halloween, insisting you want to stay in, cuddle up and watch a scary film... Whilst realising 10 minutes in that this was a huge mistake (as you'll be spending every night, for the next 3 weeks doing a stealthy army roll into bed before any evil, possibly fictitious demons can get you in the dark... because everyone knows your bed is the safe zone, right?). Getting even more irrationally giddy over Bonfire Night and for some unknown reason wrapping up in EVEN MORE layers than normal... Seriously though, why do we treat Bonfire Night like an expedition to The North Pole?
There's something so charmingly British about the Autumn season and I fully embrace this with open arms (that I probably can't close even if I wanted to because of said ten thousand layers restricting my movement). Luckily for me I'm not the only one around here eagerly anticipating the rusty coloured season, as I discovered when last week an invitation from Barbour came through my letter box asking me to come visit for a spot of Calligraphy, a mug of hot chocolate and to preview they're new and frankly rather exciting A/W range. What better brand to celebrate autumn with then one so quintessentially British as Barbour?

The collection was based around Timeless Originals, something I feel Barbour manages to do very well already without necessarily trying. They'd taken some of their most classic pieces and given them a modern day make over... Nothing too drastic, just a little spruce up you might say. The classic Bedale jacket (as seen on many a Glastonbury goer and style queen Alexa) for example, was given a little face lift... Actually more of an arm lift, as we see the sleeves now cropped off and woollen ribbed cuffs added . The iconic cord collar still remains but it now came with a slightly more refined fur cover for when your rustic, countryside winter walks are well... Just a little less rustic.  The Rain Wax Parka still held true to the classic Barbour aesthetic, with the brands very own tartan lining the inside and the hood, however the shape had been given a more minimal overhaul. Now it's A-line and oversized in shape with a drop down hem at the back, ideal for layering (you know I like a layer) and miserable winter weather. BUT if you're on my wave length, equally ideal in Summer for festivals... Wet grass and a soggy bottom are now a thing of the past!

Overall the collection is exactly what you would want from both Barbour and Autumn; cosy layering, vibrant coloured wool and classic, quintessential silhouettes, with just enough of something new to make you never tire of our miserable British winters ever again.

Sophia x

Shop Barbour's Timeless Classic HERE and have a nosey how I styled mine below.

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