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So we spoke about transitional/summer time dressing a few weeks back, when I announced layering was key... It's England, layering is ALWAYS key. But as we start seeing numbers in the region f twenty plus on our weather forecast, it's time to reconsider our wardrobe once again in favour of outfits just a touch more high summer. It's a scary and daunting task, I know. Committing to your high summer wardrobe when our weather is just so unpredictable. But needs must, your Saltwater's are crying out to be worn. Be brave and bite the bullet. Once again Fat Face have hit the nail on the head with their perfectly curated High Summer collection and I'd like to talk you through two of my favourite outfits, which funnily enough consist of some of my all time summer essential pieces your wardrobe can't be without.

When I was younger I feel like the denim cut off short reigned supreme in my summer wardrobe and I'd spend practically the entire length of June all the way to August living in them. Don't get me wrong I still love denim shorts but these days I've stored them firmly in the "festival" outfit category and far away from the "daily routine" wardrobe (priorities change and shorts one step away from being deemed underwear are unfortunately not passable as office wear... The injustice, I know!) which carries me easily and breezily through the summer months. Currently I tend to go for something a touch more sophisticated (unintentionally so), in the form of a midi skirt. Unlike the denim cut off, I find midi skirts far more comfortable, far more flattering and far more easy to outfit build with. They easily transcend from day to evening and the real plus point for me, they're a lot more forgiving on legs at the beginning of the season when they've not long since seen the light of day after last summer i.e. they're practically translucent. I absolutely adore floral print midi skirts which is the reason I've chosen out the Fat Face Mina African Floral Skirt as my number one pick. I love the vintage inspired feel they give almost every outfit. I particular love this Fat Face design as the mustard and navy colour combination, gives the skirt even more of a retro feel. Mustard and Navy are amazing tones for easy styling, almost acting as a neutral base and go with pretty much anything/everything. The tie front is uber flattering on your waist and again adds just a touch more seventies retro to your outfit. Team with a grey marl or white tee and you're good to go for an relaxed summer look.

My next pick,  which I've styled with the Mina Midi is a classic Breton stripe T-Shirt. I've been championing stripes for forever and I've mentioned them countless times on my blog, but needless to say they never go out of style and they manage to some how make every outfit look just the little bit more chic. I love the cream on navy stripes seen on this Fat Face Flavia V Neck T-shirt, which can be teamed with either your favourite stone washed denim or florals for a more summer feel. If you haven't ever invested in a Breton T-shirt before, why not? You will honestly not know how you lived with out and if you're anything like me, you'll become a bit of an addict. I couldn't resist getting the Flavia tee in every stripe combination possible, with the burgundy colour option being my second top pick... We normally relegate Burgundy to our winter wardrobes and as it's a personal colour favourite, I was more than happy to incorporate it into my summer style too! Team your stripes with Birkenstocks' or your most worn in espadrilles for that effortless french girl vibe.

Last on my top picks/summer essentials list is, the floral embroidered sundress. It's a no brainer, they were quite literally made for summertime. The sad fact of the matter is you really can't tie them into your winter wardrobe no matter how hard you try but than that makes them all the more special come spring when you can dust them off and take them for a spin. Wear them with a vintage style Mary-Jane, a classic Saltwater or you know and I know it, my footwear of choice, Converse (but you guessed that already, right?). I am in love with Fat Face's Vanessa Embroidered Dress, purely for the rust colour tone alone. We normally expect to see our summer dresses in creams, sherbet yellows or dusty pinks and that's great but what about all the retro tones we know and love? If there's a new found place for burgundy in my summer wardrobe than there's a place for other earthy tones such as this dreamy rust colour too! What's more, it only highlights the beautiful cream embroidery detail further and it's so pretty, it really needs showing off. There's a real Victorian Petty coat feel to this dress which I completely adore, it's the kind of dress which only narrowly avoids being mistaken for genuine vintage. The tie detailing at the back means you can wear it as cinched in or as smock like as you feel comfortable. I personally prefer a smock style dress, it's more flattering on my kinda boyish figure and more importantly, they're just so bloody comfortable.

So there you have my three summer essentials and my three top Fat Face picks, all rolled into one! I promise you, all are great investments to ease you into your high summer wardrobe without hesitation. You can shop my full look and more from Fat Face below.

Happy Summer campers,
Sophia x

Photography by Rosie Ann Butcher

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