Hair Tutorial x Melissa Timperley- We Can Smile And Wave

Since the beginning of time or maybe just since the beginning of my blog there has been one question in particular which crops up (excuse the pun) above all others and that is, how do I style my shaggy mop of hair? I've tried on many occasions to explain this in the limited refinements of an Instagram comment but it's never quite the same as going into full detail and breaking things down step by step. As time's gone on I've toyed with how I can answer this very simple, yet kinda long winded question for you guys on my blog, but without a running commentary of photos the idea always feel flat (unlike my hair... Again excuse the pun). Then a brain "hair" wave (I'm so sorry, I can't help it with these hair related puns, they practically write themselves) suddenly came over me and whilst booking my next appointment with my wonderful hairdresser Melissa Timperley, I decided I'd ask her if she'd lend a helping hand/hair dryer/scissors. Who better to help demonstrate the best technique for tussled, waved locks right? And as summer draws closer this seemed a better time than ever for us all (including myself) to get that beach/bed head, "oh I feel asleep on my sun lounger and woke up all sun kissed like this" hair refined and perfected! So without further a-do and with the amazing aid/expertise of Melissa, here is a step by step guide on how to replicate my wavey bob...
1. The Cut and The Colour
Now Melissa made a very good point from the offset, there's no use in showing you how to style your hair without explaining the cut and colour which are both equally important for this kind of look. First things first, I have my hair dyed via the technique of balayage highlights. Balayage is a technique used to create natural, sunkissed highlights and is done so by gentle brushing the bleach on to your hair. As you can see for the photos, Melissa carefully sections and separates my hair to brush on the bleach so that the colour will mix in nicely with strands of my natural, untouched hair to give a more subtle effect. Melissa is a balayage genius and takes a substantial amount of care and attention when applying it so be prepared for a long appointment! As displayed in the least classy way ever, my hair is left in foils for around half an hour to an hour depending on how the bleach develops and then after about two of Melissa's amazing hazelnut coffees later, it's rinsed out. A toner will be added afterwards to ensure there's no brassiness. And voila, you're left with the upmost Au Naturale, yet super golden hair colour.

For the cut it's nothing too complex. I like the front to sit neatly on my shoulders with a slight graduation towards the back, going slightly shorter. I know, I know! When you think graduated bobs, you imagine footballers wives/Victoria Beckham circa 2003 but that's completely NOT what this is. Promise! The graduation will simply give the back of your hair the body and volume it needs for that super messy, shaggy feel you're after. For extra volume I have it cut quite blunt but with layers running throughout. You don't want harsh layers, just something which will give your hair movement and allow for it to wave more easily. Lastly my fringe is cut choppy and rounded, I love love love a gringe (grown out fringe)! A rounded shape will mean you can part it without creating curtains which could give early noughties Leonardo Di Caprio a run for his money.

2. "Wet Hair" Products and How To Dry
Three key products to use on your wet hair are; volumising spray (only if your hair is angling on the thin side, I have super thick hair so this is a no no pour moi), a salt/texturising spray and heat protector. I've given you a shoppable list of some of the products I love to use for further guidance. Now there's two ways you can go about drying your hair. If you've got all the time in the world/are washing your hair the evening before I would suggest spraying your salt/texturising spray, scrunching your wet hair for maximum waves and leaving it to dry naturally. This is by far the best technique for that tussled vibe... It's called bed head for a reason ladies, low maintenance is key! But if you're getting ready in a hurry or like me you're pampering yourself at your hairdressers than I would suggest spraying a touch of salt spray, then a touch of heat spray and blow drying straight. Melissa has done mine uber straight in the photos simply because she needed to check my cut was tip top, this isn't mandatory if you're styling at home! 

3. Now Let's Make Waves
To begin with you'll need to roughly section your hair into three parts; at either side and then one at the back. See picture above because I think I explained that terribly. Take big chunks, I'd say a good one to two inches of hair and pick at random! Remember you're basically creating organised chaos on your head so don't be to regimented with your chunks. Now with your hair straighteners (if you can use a hair wand/tongs then I salute you), start at the top and curl round, think big flicks that never stop flicking and curl away from your face. The best analogy I can give you when I say "away from the face" is Farrah Fawcett flicks. Google it and everything will suddenly make more sense. Do this technique a section at a time and the golden rule, I just can't stress enough is... Do NOT be too strict with yourself. 

4. Shake It Off, A-Shake It Off!
The best tip Melissa gave me is move your hair about as much as you like, once your hair is waved/curled it will always bounce back no matter how much you play with it! Learn to be tactile with your hair! For some reason we feel the need to walk on eggshells with curled hair, DON'T! It's messy hair your after so mess it up good!! You want to really run your fingers through your hair, shake it up and separate the curls so they become disjointed and disheveled. Once you're happy with the right amount of mess, apply your hair spray to hold in place and a touch more texturising spray to eliminate that fluffy, "just washed" feel to your hair.

And ta da!!!! There you have your super shaggy, super summery, tussled bob ready to hit the beach or a festival near you!

Big thank you to Melissa at Melissa Timperly Studios for helping me finally demonstrate this style for you guys. Before all of the above I would alway recommend making sure you find the right hairdresser for you, one that will put the care and attention in you need. A balayage can be risky business if applied wrongly and the trouble with short hair is, if it's a disaster you have no where to hide!! If you're Manchester/Northern Quarter way I would whole heartedly recommend giving Melissa's studio a try where they put the time and love into your lovely locks! See her details below along with a shopping list of products I've tried and tested and bloody love.

Happy Waving Ladies,
Sophia x

Melissa Timperly Salon:
Visit her website HERE
Pop in at 67 Tib St, Northern Quarter, Manchester
Or call on 0161 834 5945

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