Festival Diary- Dream A Little Dream Of Glastonbury

I'm not going to begin to insult your intelligence by telling you, "Glastonbury is the greatest place on earth"... We've all heard it before and if you've ever been lucky enough to go, you'll know this to be true. I'm also not going to begin to possibly try describe Glastonbury in one mere blog post, where would I begin and how long have you guys got? You just have to see it to believe it and no words could ever do it justice. It's quite literally magical. Where the weird, wonderful, talented folk from all walks of life gather together to put on a show like no other spread across 1,100 acres of dream like fields. Yikes... I walked on average 23,000 kilometres a day without even trying... Seeeeriously mega!

Nope instead of boring you all with yet another analogy of just how mesmerising Glastonbury was (for another year), I thought I'd throw a shed load of photographs your way, run you through my top 5 highlights and give you a detailed breakdown of each outfit worn... All five of them. What can I say big festival, big wardrobe. 

My Highlights

1. I'm going to go chronological with my list, as no highlight was necessarily better than the other. Well maybe one was and that's ironically the first on my list. One Friday my boyfriends band, Blossoms played the Pyramid stage and I couldn't have been more proud. To make the whole experience even more surreal, I got to watch from the wings looking out over the thousands of thousands of teeny weeny people stood in the crowd. I don't think pride would even remotely cover the emotions I felt watching that set so let's just end this point with a big "Well Done Blossoms, I knew you could do it".

2. The second highlight kind of moves seamlessly from the first. My boyfriend famously told his parents he'd never go to Glastonbury until he played it... Which meant as he was a newbie to the festival and I had the pleasure of showing him round. It was honestly so lovely to go around with someone seeing everything with fresh eyes, for the very first time. I knew he'd adore it, I mean I'd question the sanity of anyone who didn't but to watch someone fall in love with it as much as I did the first time was bloody amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend than exploring the festival with Joe. From Rabbit Holes, to circus acts, to stumbling on John Cooper Clarke. Happiness in a weekend.

3. Flaming Lips Inflatables. Probably three words I never thought I'd put together seriously, but there you go that's Glastonbury for you. On the Friday night The Flaming Lips played The Park Stage and we watched it from up on a hill right night to the Glastonbury sign. The view was incredible, you can see it colour stripes of The Ribbon Tower all the way to The Pyramid Stage lights, way in the distance. In and amongst the twinkly splendour of Glasto we watched The Flaming Lips put on a performance so fitting for the festival. It contained confetti, giant balloons floating from the stage into the crowd, inflatable "Fuck Yeh" signs, rainbows and dancing goggly eyes. A bit trippy but isn't everything at Glastonbury?

4. Best performance by a long shot goes to Father John Misty on the John Peel stage. He was seamless and although I'm not a huge fan (I appreciate him don't get me wrong), I couldn't help but be massively impressed. Plus he had THE best dance moves I've ever witnessed. Truth be told picking a best performance is no easy feat with acts like Ed Sheehan, Sundara Karma, Barry Gibb and of course The Foo Fighters equally blowing me away. I missed Haim but if there was no reason to miss them it would have to be my number five...

5. The Killers secret Sunday set. Ugh, I don't even know where to start on how amazing this performance was. It was exactly what I needed to complete my Glastonbury line up. Full of nothing but nostalgia, I laughed, I cried, I squealed when I heard the intro to Glamorous Indie Rock N Roll... Perfection!

My Outfits
Day 1- Thursday

Two festival staples; The floral, mini tea dress courtesy of Topshop teamed with muddy (last years festival mud) Hunter's. An easy, breezy outfit fit for all weathers and all festivals. This particular shape is what I would call a Topshop classic, similar to that used in the Kate Moss collection many moons ago... If Kate Moss approves, it can't be bad.

Day 2- Friday Day

My favourite vintage find in a long time- A original floral, ruffle blouse from Bus Stop purchased from the Oxfam tent in hospitality. As soon as I spied it, I snapped it up quicker than you can say "Swinging Sixties". I paired my dream blouse with a pair of ASOS denim shorts. Now I've got to say these denim shorts weren't an easy find, I spent weeks searching high and low for a denim short which WERE'NT cut offs, tight on the leg or too long/too short. I finally found these denim, culotte shaped shorts and for me they ticked every box. Comfy with a seventies twist. I finished off the look with my favourite sandals from Salt Walter, aptly named the Classics because they're just so bloody timeless. Wear now and every summer to come.

Day 2- Friday Night

Yes that's right, I outfit changed. For the Friday evening I choose to wear an adorable knitted crochet vest from Topshop with a asymmetrical, wrap detail floral midi skirt also from Topshop. This was such a simple outfit! It was extremely feminine whilst being equally practical for exploring. On my feet I reverted to my old faithfuls, the hightop Converse and when it got a touch chilly I throw on a jersey sweatshirt from NA-KD. Hey presto! Comfort without loosing any styles points.

Day 3- Saturday

The day it went and rained. But also the day I got to show off my festival style in full force! I wore the most festival-worthy embroidered denim shift dress I've ever clapped eyes on from Whistles. It was a match made in heaven with my classic Barbour Wax Jacket, Longchamp backpack and Hunter's wellies.

Day 4- Sunday

The last day and therefore the saddest. I went for another seventies theme with this outfit, think less glamorous than Friday's and a touch more folky... I could possibly pass for a music teacher in this get up or a secret member of The Carpenters. I wore another embroidered vintage blouse, with Mom denim shorts and T-bar woven tan sandals (sorry guys both the shorts and sandals are unfortunately a million years old from Office/Zara, but see below scroll bar for similar). In all honest, this outfit could easily cross over into a ideal look for weekend shopping... And it no doubt will.

So that was my Glastonbury summarised in a very organised, very non-Glastonbury, bullet pointed list. Like I said seeing is believing, so roll on two years until the next magical weekend and hopefully I'll see you there, until than I can just swoon one my photos to nurse my blues.

Sophia x

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