Girls Just Want To Have Redone

There are a few perfect wardrobe staples I think we're all constantly searching for. The holy grail pieces, the ones you hold on a pedestal in your head. You have this crystal clear image of what they should look like in your imagination but so far in reality nothing has quite cuts the mustard. These are the pieces you just know would wholeheartedly complete your wardrobe and once you found the perfect one, the search would be over and you'd never need to buy another (well maybe the same piece over... It's my personal believe if you find something that great you should probably own it twice). A few examples of "holy grail" pieces include; The perfect stripe top, the perfect leather jacket, the perfect white tee and lastly but by no means least- as this one is the real rarity- the perfect stone washed jean. But here's the secret... There's a brand out there who manage to tick two of these pieces off with effortless style. Enter Redone. The brand who not only specialises in the perfect vintage style jean but the perfect fitting jersey pieces too for the super relaxed, effortless style we all crave. Hallelujah Redone!
Redone was one of those mythical brands I heard such wonderful things about but always just kept it on my "to do" list of labels to try. The fact of the matter was I knew I would have to buy Redone online and the idea of jean shopping over the web ordinarily fills me with dread. Normally I have to buy the same style in about 4 different sizes, devoting a good hour or so to trying on, squeezing in, wriggling them off and inevitably not finding the right ones. With Redone I had faith in selecting one size only, my "true" size. After all this is a luxe brand with bold claims of knowing their denim. I choose the Stove Pipe Redone Originals. They are a classic high rise, slightly cropped straight leg jean. The stakes were high on these ones, this was one of the ultimate holy grail pieces and selecting one pair in one size was risky business. But that's just it, they came and they did exactly what they said on the tin. Redone stuck to their word! It was a miracle, it was love at first sight. They were a perfect fit.
The perfect fitting jean has the ability to make you feel like a million dollars. I don't know what it is about them but having that one pair of jeans which are your safety blanket, suddenly makes you feel like you've got your wardrobe well and truly in check. Granted it could have something to do with inevitably now owning the perfect denim for virtually any outfit or any occasion but I believe it's actually so much more than that! An ill fitting or uncomfortable jean not only has the ability to ruin your day but to make you resent your body. I've certainly been guilty of this irrational bitterness towards my shape (mainly hips) based on a pair of jeans. But here's the thing... Your body is perfect, it's your jeans that aren't. But just as a bad pair of jeans can ruin your day, a great pair of jeans can make it. For me that jean is Redone. 

Redone Jeans are definitely an investment piece to treat yourself to. Buy them once and see them last forever. Just like true love. Go on make your day and fall in love.

Sophia x

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Photography by Rosie Butcher

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