Maybe I Was A Little Too Wild In The Seventies

One key theme which tends to be on repeat through my blog is my love for vintage. The sixties and seventies are pretty much the fundamental foundations to my style and I'd say nine times out of ten my every day outfit has been composed of a film, an actress or a band from either of these eras. Old habits die hard and referencing mid century style via my wardrobe is something I've been doing since I was a teenager. I would obsess over sixties and seventies films, meticulously dissecting every outfit I saw. Now at the rip old age of twenty nine I'm more in love with the sixties and seventies than I ever was and even better, so is the entire high street. Vintage style has become ready to wear and easy to access. Now I understand that a lot of the seventies aesthetic can be a little- shall we say- full on and it's very, very easy to tread over the line of "inspired by" into "carbon copy/I'm in fancy dress". There are a few and very easy key pointers to keep your eyes out for, tick these off and you'll be ready to for a particular groovy Autumn.
Never Bored With Cord

One of my favourite materials is back and in a big way this Autumn/Winter! If you haven't spotted cord popping up all over the high street than I can only presume you've been walking around blind folded. Cord is one of those amazing materials which has the power to instantly make any outfit look that little bit more autumnal. What's particularly great about this season's selection of cord is how refreshing the colour palettes are. Not only are we seeing the usually rusty tones synonymous with Autumn but we're seeing more vibrant, sickly sweet offerings off lilac, baby blue and dusky pinks. Now I know these colours can seem a little spring appropriate but the key is to mix your pastel cord with more classic Autumnal tones. Think baby pink and burgundy, baby blue and deep chocolate brown, lilac and navy blue. Not only will pastel hues give your autumn wardrobe a vibrant refresh but they will put you right on track for achieving seventies splendour!

Co-Ord Is Key

Oh my how I love a co-ords and this season they are as adventurous as they come. One heavily seventies inspired trend we saw in summer and now, moving into winter is the belted jacket. This was one of my key pieces through summer as not only is it ridiculously flattering but extreme versatile to wear over jeans, a midi skirt or floaty, whimsical dress. This year for winter we are getting all matchy matchy with our belted jackets and it's about buying in to the coordinating trousers as well. Again this seventies inspired trend goes hand in hand with cord as we see full cord head to toe suits across every high street store. If full cord get up isn't for you, I know it can seem a little drastic than I would advise you dare to double denim! A matching denim belted jacket and a good pair of flares will not only last you through Autumn but right back round into spring too!

Check Mate

Lastly is one seriously seasonal pattern you just can't avoid this Autumn. Check is everywhere and what I particularly love about this pattern is how adaptable it is to virtually any outfit! It's versatility is so impressive that would I suggest choosing these years winter coat in a check design. Granted there are some pretty bold choices out there this season for thick lemon yellow stripes to multicoloured finely intercrossed plaids and of course we can't forget tartan but that's not even close to where the selection ends! Simply opt for a more timeless check in your outerwear such as a classic Prince Of Wales Check or a houndstooth as these patterns are investment pieces I guarantee you'll bring out year after year. What's more a Price Of Wales check blazer teamed with a chunk, Aran knit jumper and your comfiest jeans will not only be your go to Autumn outfit this year but it will give you a home run in the seventies stakes... Think Julie Christie in Don't Look Now or Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

Seventies inspiration this Autumn is all about adaptability. Choose cosy, warm items like an over sized check coat teamed with a rust cord skirt for a classic autumn outfit. It's about having fun with your wardrobe, dare to go pastel or commit to your patterns head to toe. What truly makes me fall in love with seventies fashion that little bit more everything I shop it, is not only does it allow you to be creative but it will last you a life time. Broken down down a lot of key seventies inspired pieces are timeless! After all they've been road tested for nearly fifty years now so surely that's got to mean something, right? Where I've only vaguely touched on these key pointers today, I will be being into more detail at each look individually over the next few weeks. Just so we're all completely clear that seventies is where it's at!

Choose seventies inspiration for a Autumn wardrobe which will have you dancing in September... And October... And November!

Sophia x

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