Co-Ords- Two Can Have A Party

As much as dressing for a night out on the tiles can be difficult around winter time finding the perfect outfit for a house party can be equally perplexing! As we draw closer at lightning speed to Christmas Day and New Years Eve, house parties and cosy evening get togethers with friends are in abundance and dressing for such an occasion can be ever so slightly tricky. I find myself facing that age old question of "is it low key and casual or all out and dressed to the nines?". The (often impossible) key is to try to some how pull together an outfit which is equally understated, comfortable and yet just a little bit glitzy. I mean you need to show evidence you've at least made some moderate effort! The obvious and easy choice is to opt for a party dress but in all honesty I often find seasonal dresses a little too much on the glitzy side. They are designed more often than not with a big work party in mind. Personally whenever I've sported a fancy, Christmas inspired dress to a house party I've always ended up feeling a little over done and it's not a great look at this time of year (for either myself or the turkey). This year I've found the perfect solution so party dressing is investing in a top and skirt Co-Ords! That's right two really can have a party is the wise words of Tammi Tarrell. 

Co-Ords for party dressing in my opinion are the way forward. When worn together not only do they make the ideal alternative to the party dress but I've found they are much more flattering for absolutely every body type and they're a lot more comfortable too. As an extra bonus point I should also add that worn separately they make great stand out pieces which can be worn in keeping with your own personal style and in a million different ways. Co-ords allow you to buy into investment items you will pull out year after year rather than that one dress you'll get bored with after just one, measly wear! The big reasoning behind my new found Co-Ord love is that you can make them work for your shape in whatever way feels comfortable.
 I often find that particular dress shapes can only ever work for a small selection of body types. A classic example of this for me is the knitted, jumper dress. I personally feel a knitted dress looks absolutely amazing on a gorgeous girls with curves, something I most definitely do not have. I'm flat chested with wide hips and a jumper dress will often cling to the areas I'd rather no one concentrated on. They just never make me feel comfortable no matter how much I adore them on the hanger. Enter my new And Other Stories knitted top and skirt co-ord. It's all about how you choose to style it and the choice really is in your hands alone. I've opted to wear mine with the top untucked with the belt fastened tight around my waist and the skirt left to flare out as it wishes! Now I actually bought this set to wear in New York as a perfect compromise between being practical and keeping warm but also still appearing a little dressy.. Basically ticking the exact same boxes I would factor in when dressing for a house party! Not only does the combination make a unique, show stopping look but worn separately you've got yourself a striped jumper ideal for dressing with velvet trousers or a knitted midi skirt which is screaming to be worn with a big slouchy jumper over the top. Two simple items and yet a million different ways to wear them both.
My alternative look consists of a Sezane blouse and matching midi skirt which haven't necessarily been sold online as a co-ord but I think work perfectly together and I discovered completely by default. I was actually pining after the dress in the same pattern and when it sold out in the blink of an eye I still just wasn't ready to give up on this overall look. I decided to "settle" (the inverted comas are there because there isn't a single item you could buy on Sezane's website which would possibly constitute as settling) for the blouse and the skirt because I couldn't decide which one I would love more... Turns out I didn't need to decide and could of course love them both in equal measures as teamed together they make the perfect whimsical look. Much like the And Other Stories set I am able got wear the blouse just as I feel comfortable... Loose and billowing out to exaggerate the ethereal feel of this outfit. Complete your whimsical seventies inspired outfit with some statement earrings like my Madewell celestial hoops and you're ready to mingle. This is most definitely a look perfect for a social butterfly at a party or any aspiring Stevie Nicks. 
Co-ordinating your skirt and blouse this season is the way to go for one statement outfit which packs a punch or worn separately as beautiful items you love, can easily style and most importantly wear over and over. Just remember it takes two baby.

Have a very Happy Christmas!

Sophia x

Photography by Rosie Butcher

Shop my complete look below:
Outfit 1- Metallic Stripe Knitted Jumper- And Other Stories, Metallic Stripe Knitted Midi Skirt- And Other Stories, Zip Detail Suede Boots- Whistles, Red Matte Lipstick- Tell Laura by Charlotte Tilbury
Outfit 2- Seventies Geometric Patterned Blouse- Sezane, Seventies Geometric Patterned Midi Skirt- Sezane, Celestial Silver Plated Hooped Earrings- Madewell, Cross Strap Suede Shoes- Camilla Elphick

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