Are You Ready Boots?

I always find during winter there's a real struggle between finding the right footwear and the right outerwear to go with your outfit. I recently discussed my woes on finding the right evening jacket but truth be told I think daytime dressing can be equally, if not more tricky! The middle section of your outfit- say your shoulders to your ankles- can be perfectly thought out and easy to style together but then there comes the dreaded moment when you have to decide between your coat and your shoes and picking out the wrong ones of either can pretty much make or break your outfit. It's not that your coat and shoes are necessarily an afterthought but just that there's so much practicalities to consider. I live in Manchester, one of the rainiest cities in the UK and so weather appropriate is a huge consideration and often an obstacle I'm trying to manoeuvre around. The obvious choice where your footwear is concerned is obviously a good old, reliable boot but is it possible to find a style which is both practical and versatile? Well this year it most definitely is!

This year we're taking things up a notch with our boots... But I mean that quite literally. The footwear style that will safe your life this winter is none other than the knee high boot and lucky for us they are all over the high street right now. Now I know that the knee high boot can seem a little risqué but I promise you there is nothing saucy about these styles (unless of course that's your vibe), in fact it's all about the practicality and wearability of these boots which makes them such a sky high hit. I adore the long length not just because it's ridiculously flattering on your pins but they're also very complimentary with pretty much most skirt styles out there. Where an ankle boot can often look a like clunky and clumsy, the knee high is streamline. 
If like me you're not quite over the midi skirt mania that we all experienced this summer than the knee high boot will act as a wonderful tool to carry this trend right through into winter. Tights and a midi skirt can often look a little frumpy right? But then wearing no tights can seem a little too summer appropriate BUT if you ditch the ankle boots and instead opt for a knee high length than you're not flashing any unwanted flesh whilst still looking effortlessly chic and staying super warm. It's that simple. This year I've been going for a classic roll neck, plaid midi skirt and brown suede boot combination for the ultimate seventies feel but if this look really isn't your thing than that's not a problem either... Knee high boots were made for walking but they were also made to be styled with my personal favourite, the mini!! 
The mini and the knee high boot is a look which as stood the test of time, nearly sixties years to be process! It's the ultimate playful nod to the sixties whilst also staying perfectly seasonal. In this post I've styled my dreamy brown suede Rouje boots with a retro patterned cord A-line skirt and a simple cream turtle neck. It's a completely effortless outfit whilst being incredibly acceptable for an evening out. This is the kind of look I've been working for years now and it's one I refuse to grow tired of. Unlike the midi skirt combination where we are hiding our boots away to create a tidy silhouette, the mini skirt is all about showing your knee high boots off! And why not they're pretty damn amazing...

Not only will your boots do the walking but they'll definitely be doing the talking!

Shop my favourite knee high boots below:

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Cream Merino Wool Turtle Neck- And Other Stories, Pink Cord Blazer- Mango, Retro patterned cord skirt- Old Zara see similar from And Other Stories, Knee High Brown Suede Boots- Rouje

Photography by Rosie Butcher

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