Ciao For Now 2018

Hello and happy belated Christmas! I hope you have all had the most wonderful week filled with an array of food, drinks and of course your nearest and dearest! I've loved having the last couple of days to unwind, spend time with my family, eat whatever food crosses my path and not check my emails even once. But aside from the obvious visit from Father Christmas, me and Joe have had one more very new and very exciting arrival at our house. Last Friday we went and collected a rather beautiful Golden Retriever puppy called Pep and one week on we already can't image life without him. Me and Joe both come from families with dogs and so when we finally moved into our own house we didn't realise just how much we'd miss having a friendly little pooch around. We absolutely adore our new home but in the three months we've been here and have settled in there's been a huge dog shaped hole in our lives. We've spent the last month or so counting down the days until we could finally collect little Pep and we absolutely adore him, so much so that I spent the entire drive home sobbing because I just couldn't believe he was mine... What can I say I'm a very emotional kinda gal.

I figured I would write you guys a very brief round up post for 2018! It's time to say ciao to another spectacular year. It's absolutely flown by and yet it's definitely been one I will never forget. Both myself and Joe have achieved so much with the biggie being buying our very first home!! It's been a real battle for us with numerous set backs along the way (two houses fell through before we finally found this dream home) but it's definitely been worth it in the end and we've near felt more settled. All I can say is please believe the hype when people say buying a house is one of the most stressful things you'll ever do... I feel like I spent eight months of my life drowning under forms, contracts and pure frustration but I wouldn't take it back for the world and I'm super excited to share more of my home with you in 2019 (thanks for all your kind words so far).
Aside from homes and adulting hard I've done some pretty impressive travelling this year both personally and via my work. There's been a few cities I've experienced for the first time such as Oslo, Zurich and the pinch me moment of all which was New York baby!! I got to squeeze in a little quality time with one of my best friends on an amazing trip to Lisbon back in summer and made some amazing memories I genuinely won't forget... As corny as that sounds. And I've even managed to take a little fleeting trip out to one of my all time favourites, Paris to visit Joe on his tour early this year! I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the next year brings just as many amazing places and possibly a few doggy friend hotels along the way too! Suggestions welcome!

2019 is already shaping up to be a little monumental as it's the year I turn the big three zero!! So if I thought I was adulting hard in 2018 than let's see how 2019 pans out hey! For now I simply plan to keep working hard at both the house and in my career whilst simultaneously being a puppy mama along the day. Wish me luck and in return I wish you an amazing new year filled with loads of dreamy plans, adventures and memories.

Ciao for now 2018.

Sophia (and Pep) x

My outfit: Ciao For Now Knitted Jumper- Madewell, Baby Blue Cord Trousers- Finery London, Cream Canvas High Top Trainers- Spring Courts at Toast
Photographers by Rosie Butcher

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  1. It seems you really had quite a year! I hope 2019 will continue bringing great things for you :D

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