A Wardrobe To Cure My January Blues

January is a funny old time isn't it? And I mean that in the most general sense, it's the year's official grey area for both your social life and your wardrobe. This year I feel like I've felt it more than ever before and I can't quite put my finger on why. The optimist in me says it's down to a wonderful Christmas with a much needed break or perhaps the arrival of my new favourite pal Pep the puppy. On the other hand the pessimist in me would say it's because I just can't find the enthusiasm to get back into my work, it's been a quiet month and the most dismissive of all excuses, January is just such a dull month, why even bother? Whatever the reason may be I just can't find my get up and go and it's completely unlike me. Last week I did my first shoot of the year with Rosie, we decided to stay up near my neck of the woods and take some photos around my house (partly because it's freezing, partly so Rosie could meet Pep of course). It kind of ended up being the wake up, shake up I needed. The house was a little messy to say the least, my organisational skills had fallen to the wayside and I just wasn't feeling my personal best in my outfits. I think having Rosie there to witness my complaisant self and feeling totally mortified about it gave me the boost I needed. As soon as she left I kicked myself into cleaning gear and I aim to start the rest of week getting back to my usual (give or take) proactive self.

Now I have to admit where New Years resolutions are concerned I try not to set myself too many unachievable goals. Last year I compiled a list of forty things I want to do before I'm forty (which I shared with you on here) and as this is still well underway I'd rather not set myself a load of yearly, mini lists to run along side it. What can I say, I'm a realist! It's my personal belief that New Year resolutions should really be slow burners! Something you gradually get into the swing of, not go at guns blazing. Let's be honest- committing and full succeeding in your resolutions from 1st January onwards is near impossible, after all this is apparently the bluest of months and so why on earth would this be the exact time you give up your favourite sweet treat or a cheeky little drink at the weekend? This year I'm setting myself a few wardrobe goals purely based on mistakes I made last year, things I've learned about myself, my style and just minor changes I think will all together improve my well being. That said I must stress once more- and at the risk of sounding like a defeatist- January is not my month to get going with these aims. Case in point I'm typing this to you right now in jeans and a oversized jumper- a slightly uninspiring but super comfy and extremely easy combination I've now been rocking for the last three weeks... And hey, that's ok.
Funnily enough one of the main aims I've set myself for this year is to try with all my might to stop resorting to jeans. For me denim is the slipperiest of slopes in anyone's wardrobe, especially if you are lucky enough to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans. They're an easy option, your get out a jail free card and quick fix solution on those mornings when you have no idea what to wear! Don't get my wrong these are all perfectly viable reasons to way jeans are so great and why we should all own a pair but that doesn't mean I should opt for them daily. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to make more of an effort with my outfit choices! Technically it's an intrinsically important part of my job to muster together a half decent outfit and with wide collection of clothes at my finger tips I really do have no excuse. Wearing jeans makes me feel great on those days when I just want to go make up free, throw on my Converse and take no more than half an hour to get ready but I just don't want or need them to be my wardrobe saviour every day! They're a bad habit I'm consciously going to ween myself off and bar January- I promise you will hopefully being seeing me in more dresses, more skirts and just more outfits that feel "me" again. 
And on the subject of my wardrobe and more specifically my rather wide collection of clothes, two more aims for the year which go hand in hand are to stop buying clothes frivolously and to enjoy my existing wardrobe more! Now I did actually write a post on the subject back in summer and truth be told these two aims are actually both something I've been consciously doing over the last year already. I'm not going to start preaching about sustainable fashion because I personally feel this is already at the forefront of everyone's minds when buying clothes at the moment and rightly so! The idea of buying less is actually something which came quite easily for me to begin with. I don't tend to buy into fast fashion, fleeting trends or hauls of low priced items, all of which I think are the biggest causes of wasteful clothes shopping. My style is thankfully driven by retro inspiration (as I know you're all aware of) and it has been for more than a decade! Thankfully this means I tend to buy second hand or vintage more often than not and most pieces I bought a few years back are still relevant/wearable to this day. I know this isn't necessarily an option for everyone but I personally would much rather buy items with possibly a higher price point which are classic, timeless and more long lasting, again this has really helps me personally curb any impulse buying. Don't get me wrong I'm no saint and I have been known to buy the odd fast fashion piece if I truly love it but as long as I never succumb to huge hauls of the stuff I'm happy. 
Collecting vintage means that my wardrobe has become just that; a collection. And as lovely as this is, I'm conscious that I also don't want my wardrobe to just become a museum of clothes bought and then forgotten. As obvious as it sounds my wardrobe truly defines my style and so I want to appreciate it more. I want to actually get use out of my most loved items otherwise there is no point in me owning them and I guess this leads me nicely on to my next aim- remember to dress more me and FOR me. This aim may seem a little obvious, of course I should and would be dressing like me! But I've got to admit that towards the end of last year I feel like I kind of lost my way a little. One big occupational hazard of blogging about fashion for me personally is that I think sometimes you can over think it. You can spend too much time over analysing what the rest of your Instagram feed is wearing and concentrate too much energy on piecing together an outfit which will photograph well. Typing this out, it all sounds so trivial and I could roll my eyes at just how millennial I sound but learning to dress of you is such an integral part of establishing your own identity (again I know this sounds a little obvious). Not only is it vital for self expression but it's really important to your own well being that you feel good in what you wear on a daily basis, why worry what other people will think? They aren't the ones wearing it! I'd like to think that I've never really been one to care about how the world sees my style and fundamentally I've only ever worn something because I loved it. I guess this year I just want to remind myself of this. I want to go back to dressing in a way that solely makes me happy, in items I've worn for years because I love them. I'm basically going to try hard to stop trying if that makes sense. And without sounding like a complete contradiction I think this is where spending January dressing comfy in jeans and a jumper actually makes complete sense! Right now I've stopped caring, I'm wearing what feels right and the world of Instagram won't grind to a halt if I repeat an outfit over and over.
So there you have the goals I want to slowly but surely add integrate into my year! This doesn't mean that come July I will be strictly wearing only the oldest dresses in my wardrobe and nothing but! They are simply small resolutions and conscious reminders that will make me dress right for me, in a way which makes me happy and most importantly help me feel my best! Personal style, teamed with the right outfit is a magical thing for boosting your mood and it's my personal belief it's the perfect solution to pick you up and get you going this January... Or at least this year!

Happy dressing!

Sophia x

P.S. Bold statement but Normal People by Sally Rooney was most certainly my favourite read of last year, book suggestions for this year are always welcome!

Outfit Details: Red and Orange Fine Knit Jumper- Me+Em, Indigo Denim Flares- Me+Em, Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings- Madewell, Cream Canvas High Tops- Spring Court at Toast

Photography by Rosie Butcher


  1. Loved this post. Completely agree with not rushing to achieve every goal! x


  2. Funny enough, it's the opposite for me when it comes to wearing jeans. I realised while tidying my wardrobe yesterday that I own A LOT of statement jeans but I hardly wear them. I'm usually in regular fabric pants and midi skirts. I have to make a conscious effort to wear jeans! They just aren't comfy to me. Doesn't matter if they're skinny or baggy, I just prefer being in lighter fabrics.

    Also I've got the same wardrobe goals. I need to cut back on impulse buying and really enjoy what I've got at the moment. Of course sales are still on and I'm waiting on a few items in my zara basket to drop even more before I purchase them but still, I need to change!

    You look great too, absolutely love the outfit and the jeans you've got on don't look like a bad pair to live in.


  3. Am totally on the same wavelength as you in terms of not going at resolutions all guns blazing. January is always a slow, sometimes very low month, and I think it's a time for reflection rather than forcing yourself to become something . It's a time to look forward for the rest of the year rather than feeling you have to be perfect straight away.
    If I'm honest I'm always in awe at how well you pull off jeans and make them look so cool rather than how boring I feel I make them but I understand what you mean about falling into bad habits and drifting from the style that really makes you feel GOOD! I adore dresses and buying dresses and it's what I like to think defines my style, and once I realised this I've never looked back.
    I hope rediscovering your wardrobe is a magical experience for you and reminds you of why you love fashion !

    P.S I ADORED Normal People. Her first book 'Conversations with Friends' is just as good - not as romantic and more mature but the writing style is just as good.

    Imogen x