It's The Same Old Style

I guess this post is kind of a continuation of my last entry on style resolutions (not to be mistaken with new year resolutions). I spoke about how this year I really wanted to get back to grips with my own personal style, the pieces I love and the inspiration I will forever adore! This isn't to say that I've been dressing out of character as such but more that towards the end of last year I kind of felt like I'd lost my way or more aptly I was just a little lacklustre about my style. For me personal style has and always will be about self expression and being unashamedly proud of who you exactly you are. Personal style is not just about being confident in yourself (which I think we can all agree is sometimes easier said than done) but it's a homage to the routes you've taken to cultivate it. Whether that's music, film, an era, one particular style icon or a mismatch of various designers, I've always been a strong believer that you should celebrate the culture you've chosen to have around you through what exactly you wear. For me that's most predominantly music. It has to be said that my complete obsession with music of (mainly) the sixties and seventies kind of manifested itself through my clothes completely subconsciously. I didn't just sit down one day and decided "you know what I should just dress like George Harrison", instead it was completely organic. Music and fashion were the two things I felt most passionately about therefore it was only natural the two would collide and subsequently my happy place really did become to outfits I wore! 

In the last month or so we've all been opening up and show the world our former selves via the infamous #10YearChallenge and I've absolutely loved it! Isn't it strange that even through looking at other peoples old photos you can still feel the same sense of nostalgia you'd get from searching through your own? You might even say that there's something about the challenge which gives us a real sense of solidarity. Friends I didn't know ten years ago are sharing photos which make me think "I reckon if I'd have meet you then, I'd have still bloody adored you". One thing I must say about the Ten Year Challenge is actually how proud I am of 19 year old me AND present day me. Ok so admittedly there were definitely some terrible, slightly offensive on the eyes fashion choice in there but all in all I was actually pleasantly surprised at how little I'd actually changed style wise and how true to myself I've always been when it came to clothes! I shared a fair few 19 year old style snaps on Instagram and as much as I may of joked about some of the styling the truth is a lot- if not most- of the pieces I still own. Not only does my wardrobe hold pieces more than ten years old but these are items I still actually wear and adore! Granted there's absolutely no way I still style them in the same way (Disco Pants have unsurprisingly taken a back seat) but than it's important to note that changing your style completely and simply evolving it over the years are two entirely different ideas.
It made me smile to look at 19 year old me and think "oh how much you had to learn" or more appropriately "how much growing you still had to do" whilst at the same time clearly seeing big traces of 29 year old me there too! I guess you could say there's a fair bit of integrity in my wardrobe, no matter how my wardrobe has evolved over time I seem to have stayed very loyal fashion, music and film that inspires me and in the words of Annie from Bridesmaids "I think people stay the same but just grow a little bit"... A fair point I'd say! One thing I will mention about younger me is she seems to have always had a great eye for a band tee and this I will forever be thankful for. Truth be told I do think we're often just a little to hard on our younger selves and it's high time we gave them a little more credit. However lost you felt, what ever silly decision you made or bad fashion choices you opted for you still managed to get where you are today! You learned to appreciate music, film or art but mostly you learned to be you and that's really not bad going. For me personally it really is the same old style but just with a different meaning ten years on...

Sophia x

Outfit Details (affiliate links used): Elton John Rocket Man T-Shirt- John Lewis (gifted), Cornflower Blue High Waisted Cord Trousers- And Other Stories, Gold Glitter Lurex Socks- And Other Stories, Star Print Block Heel Sandals- Pearl&Stud (gifted)
Photography by Rosie Butcher


  1. I loved the outfit and your reflections!!!

    "Friends I didn't know ten years ago are sharing photos which make me think "I reckon if I'd have meet you than I'd have still bloody adored you"."
    You made me re-consider the challenge this way :O I never thought of it this way before. It's really interesting!

    Sora |

  2. Off topic but have you done a house tour? I love all your vintage furniture in your photos.