It's Easy Being Green, Yellow and Lilac

This year I really wanted to put the effort in and get writing blog posts more regularly again but I already feel like I've fallen at the first hurdle, with only one post in January. General life admin and trying to be a grown up has meant that often my blog falls by the wayside, something I feel really disheartened about as it's a part of my job I've always wanted to maintain and something I feel passionately about. I've come to the conclusion that little and often is the best way to over come this niggle and instead of pushing myself to continually offer up mammoth posts, I will instead try and write more regularly giving a brief run up. Of course if there's a meaty topic I'm just itching to discuss with you guys than I promise I won't hold back. One of the main reasons I started my blog was because I felt constrained sharing my latests thoughts, feelings and inspirations on Instagram and  felt a blog let me branch out, I'm starting to think that's got lost along the way. I've started to feel like there's no point in writing on my blog unless I've got a lot to say and as bad as this might sound, not everything I want to share requires a wordy monologue accompanying it! Sometimes I might just want to share a trend I love, a time, place or moment which is inspiring or simply a book I've adored reading and with this in mind I'm going to push myself to create posts no matter how little or small the words within it may be...

So small blog mission statement aside I wanted to quickly talk about my January/Febrauary wardrobe lull and share with you the pieces I'm loving on the high street right now which are bound to spruce up any tired looking winter to spring transition wardrobe. I don't think I'm the only one who falls into the wicked trap of just wearing jeans and a jumper continually at this time of year. It's quick, it's easy and it's practical but this doesn't necessarily mean it makes you feel good (I actually raised this point a few blog posts ago when I was discussing the wonder of a tartan trouser). For me this is one of the most awkward times of year to dress for. You kind of know you're on the cusp of spring and you're ready to freshen up your outfit accordingly but that persistent cold winter weather isn't going anywhere and any enthusiasm you have for spring dressing is swiftly dampened. Moreover I'm a sucker for a good jumper and even though I begrudge continually styling them with jeans, it's my guilty pleasure and a habit of a lifetime I find hard to shake.
I've been making a real effort over the past few weeks to at least inject a little colour into my wardrobe as for me this is one of the most efficient ways to breath a little life and a little vibrancy back into your everyday outfits! And as luck would have it, embracing colour and styling it into even the most effortless of outfits has never been easier. We're only a month into the new year and already the high street is offering up an amazing array of colours to choose from. I'm thrilled to see pistachio is still doing the rounds as it's one of my all time favourite colours (and flavours of ice cream) and so pleasing on the eye. Green in general has had a real overhaul with tasty apple tones readily available right now and just waiting to be styled into any daytime look. My golden rule for wearing greens is simply, if it looks good enough to eat than it's definitely worth wearing! And sticking with the delicious colour palettes I'm so very happy that sherbet tones are still very much a thing you should be embracing- this is the kind of colour palette which won't just breath life into your wardrobe but put a little joy in your heart and spring in your step! Think lilacs and lemon yellow- these colours are a dream in knitwear form and look so great worn with a stone washed jean. It's these kind of tones which will instantly take this tired jumper and jeans combination, and give it the spruce up it truly deserves.

Check out all my favourite tasty treats available on the high street right now in this post and don't be afraid to wear the rainbow!

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Lime Green Knitted Jumper With Crochet Collar- The Marc Jacobs at Net-A-Porter, Brown Wide Leg Trouser- Cos Store (Shop Similar)

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Photography by Catherine Booty

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