Zip It Good!

Another day in February, another day of grey skies and lots of rain. Not the most positive of ways to start a post off I'll admit but after a week spent with a steaming cold, avoiding going outside whenever I can and living in outfits which consist of three layers minimum, it's hard to see the bright side... Literally! Maybe it's the three consecutive storms we've just had or the lack of vitamin D but I just can't seem to pull myself out the funk I'm in at the moment and I think I'm possibly experiencing January blues a month late? With the weather still so cold and when dressing for comfort is still our main priority, it can often feel hard to feel inspired by our wardrobes, I know. But all is not lost, this week I'm sharing with you one of my favourite- most definitely comfy- pieces we see coming in stronger than Storm Dennis this season. The oh so leisurely zip up sweater!
Now as a rule I'm not normally one for adding a bit of sports luxe into my wardrobe- trainers excluded- and there is no doubt this new firm favourite piece falls into the leisure category, but rules are there to be broken and this is definitely one trend I'm happy to hop on board with! The aesthetic of the zip up sweatshirt is a wonderful mix of vintage sportswear and I think that's probably why it's caught my eye. You can find it in thick, chunk knits for that seventies inspired feel which you're grandad would most likely admire as well or soft jersey in super sweet sherbet tones which will have you channeling the fun and carefree style of the eighties. One of my biggest reasons for loving this kind of piece at the moment is it's versatility, namely it's ability to be layered up or down to your choosing. I've been teaming mine under a oversized flannel shirt or over a roll neck a la Shelley Duvall in The Shining for a really easy, incredibly practical, very androgynous but super stylish look. 
As always find a selection of some of my favourite picks on the high street right now within this post. I say zip it, zip it good!

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Sunbeam Design Jersey Zip Sweatshirt- Sezane (gifted), Belted Indigo Wash Flared Jeans- Warehouse, Mustard Satin High Top Trainers- Superga

Photography by Catherine Booty

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