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Over the past few months I've been spotting a real array of heritage style accessories, outwear and shoes cropping up and for me this is a sight for sore eyes because vintage inspired heritage is one of my all year round, fail-safe looks to opt for. So I realise "heritage" as a trend sounds a touch vague and possibly a tiny bit pretentious but it's the only word which really, truly does the aesthetic it's full justice. Basically this is a trend built up of quintessential classics. It's a little British and a little "college grad" all mixed into one and it's made up of staple pieces which have stood the test of time. It's definitely in the same ball park as preppy but think more sophisticated professor than fun and carefree student... As I type this, I realise what I'm trying to say is heritage is kind of a grown up version of preppy. Does that make sense?

What I particularly love about this kind of look is it's actually practical for this time of year. A lot of spring trends can in my humble opinion be completely unrealistic for February weather (I'm currently looking at grey skies, wind and rain). We're constantly faced with lightweight materials, ruffles, pastel tones and a whole lot of florals at this time of year and although I really love all of these things (see last weeks post on sherbet tones if you don't believe me), they're not exactly what you're itching to wear when the weather in spring can often be down right chilly. Heritage as aforementioned is an all year round look. It's classic outwear shapes such as a trench, rich old worldly colours such as mustard, burgundy or navy and indigo denims worn any which way you like, means you have the freedom to still inject a little winter into your outfit without feeling drab. It's the perfect mid way point between winter and spring. 

What's more because a lot of these pieces are classic staples such as the trench, a loafer or a satchel it means you probably already own a lot of the key elements to this kind of look and if you don't, well than they're worth the investment because as the "heritage" name suggests they've stood the test of time. It's about taking pieces which are as current now as they were fifties years ago and embracing the vintage feel behind them. You almost want the bag or coat you choose to look like a vintage treasure you dug out of the loft or from your mum's wardrobe. Because a lot of these pieces are timeless, it's a really easy look to go for if you want to feel smart without moving too much out of your daytime comfort zone and without having to sacrifice practicality. I find that a lot of the pieces which lend themselves to this preppy, quintessentially British trend are often classic in design and look substantially more up market. You instantly feel a little smarter (in your outfit FYI, although preppy style has been known to make you look a little more studious too). I think there's a lot to be said for adding a classic loafer or a mock croc bag to an outfit- there's something about both which instantly says "I mean business". 

Heritage style means that a lot of the patterns in your wardrobe you relegated for winter and winter only can actually be worn through into February and March. Paisleys, geometric shapes and vintage chain or equestrian style prints which can often feel a little too glamorous for this time of year can instantly be brought into spring. Simply team any of these prints with an indigo flare and a classic camel coloured raincoat for a serious sophisticated, heritage feel. And in addition to all of the above those pesky spring time florals can in fact also be easily incorporated into this look, after all there's something completely adorable about styling a Liberty Print blouse underneath a cord pinafore and a leather satchel. 

This is a look you'll have seen on me time and time again from January to December and I very much doubt it's a look you'll stop seeing on me any time soon. It's timeless, it's practical and it's worth the investment. Class dismissed, I hope you made notes. Now go shop my favourite picks on the high street right now as seen dotted around this post.

Sophia x

Outfit Details: Block Coloured Embellished Knit- Ganni at Matches Fashion, Indigo Dungarees- See similar here, Velvet loafers- See similar here, Horse And Carriage Print Crossbody Bag- Coach (gifted)

Photography by Catherine Booty

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