Bright Eyes. Blue (New) Denim.

So you know when you were younger and your parents or just most adults in general used to say "there aren't enough hours in the day" and at the time that very sentence meant absolutely nothing to you? Well I'm at a stage in my life were that concept is suddenly making a WHOLE lot of sense. The struggle is real. There literally (and I mean literally, literally) aren't enough hours in my days and days in my weeks! This year is turning out to be a pretty hectic one for me, with a whole lot of new, maybe exciting and maybe a little scary changes happening. I say scary, but I guess I only ever mean it in a good way, as I'm learning fast that sometimes you need a challenge every now and then. You know, just to mix things up and keep you on your toes! It's good to always want more and to question what you've already got, I'd hate to categorise myself as a settler... And just as this is my theory on living, I guess it's also my theory on clothes (see how seamlessly and swiftly I turned that very serious and existential speech around and back on to style? Like a pro). I always want more out of my style and I'm always looking to evolve on it. I'm a firm believer in this being the 100% right approach to your wardrobe. Style is trial and error- if it doesn't work, move on (and maybe laugh about it in years to come when you see a photo of your former self wearing oh I don't know... an over sized denim jacket, a Patty Smith tee you'd cut into a crop top and American Apparel disco pants and wonder what on earth was I thinking? I which I was hypothetically speaking). 

Up until the last year or so I guess I'd have described my style as a little retro. A lot of the style inspiration I drew upon came from your quintessential sixties icons and by a lot I effectively mean all my inspiration. As much as I still adore this look and will forever lend ideas from retro fashion, I'd like to think I've expanded on it and made it my own. Because isn't that the point in personal style? It's exactly that, personal. The outfit below kind of highlights perfectly the point I'm trying (and possibly failing) to make. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I feel I would have been massively lying to you if I hadn't at some point soon mentioned the jeans I'm wearing below, due to the fact this is my style blog and well, I pretty much live in them at the moment! What on earth would be the point in talking through any of my current outfits if I didn't mention these bad boys?! They're a recent find from Urban Outfitters. Like finding treasure. They have a retro style fit to them; high waisted, wide flared leg, cropped at that awkward George Harrison-esque length of just above the ankle, but with a raw edge frayed hem. They effectively nail about 3 trends in one. The retro element is clearly a sure fire win with me (and I'll be elaborating more on this in my next post which to follow soon, so stay tuned please) but I've given it a more grown up and I guess, modern spin by teaming my new favourite denim with this seasons must must MUST (your life depends on it) have shoe, the glove shaped pump. The comfiest shoe you'll ever wear and a personal hero of mine purely because I adore their almost awkward shape. I'd say they could probably best described as ugly/beautiful? They're dainty and feminine but in a really practical, unsexy kind of way (think stereotypical school teacher/librarian style). I've then gone full circle with my outfit and worn a vintage inspired cream chiffon blouse from Dahlia. The pussy bow tie detailing and frilled over-sized collar are a huge nod to the seventies and maybe even the eighties, but the clean cut of the sleeves and body give it an all round more "now" vibe. This kind of outfit, is an every day look for me at the moment and right this very second I'm absolutely loving the look BUT tenner bet says that in 10 years time I look back on this exact combination; those awkward cropped jeans and my ugly/beautiful shoes and think... "What on earth was I think?!"

That's life.
Sophia x

Blouse- Dahlia
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Office

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  1. Hello!

    Just discovered your blog and I really really like it! And I just bought this pair of jeans from UO as they look too good on you (and they were on sale!).

    Have a lovely day!