English Summer... Go Go Go!

It's sort of here! Hooray, the some what elusive English summer has decided to make an appearance. Quick! Dust off your sunglasses and tan down those pastey legs (which if yours are anything like mine, haven't seen daylight in 9 months minimum and are so white they could reflect light)! Blink and you'll miss it, we have to take English summer where we can get it and this weekend has been a better time than any to get our summer dresses out from hibernation. 

Summertime for me is dressing to simplicity, when it's hot outside the last thing I want to do is fuss around with my outfit and so this weekend my favourite outfit was this adorable Liberty print midi dress from Plum & Pigeon accessorised only with my trusty old (well actually new, as my old ones where starting to resemble shoe roadkill... What can I say? They'd been around the block, several festivals, numerous gigs and countless rainy walks around town) high top Converse. Yes, this weekend I actually celebrated the sun by dressing uncharacteristically like a girl! I'm a total sucker for Liberty Print fabric, it's undefeated as champion of floral (Laura Ashley being a close second of course) and there's an authenticity to it that you just can't replicate. The colour palettes used in Liberty print, although some bright, always have a worn in, warm, sun bleached tone which makes them idea for wearing dressed down with your favourite trainer/sneaker (if like me you just can't bare to be too much like a girl) or a low key sandal aka in my world, probably a pair of Birkinstock's. 

A floral dress, although nothing ground breaking what so ever when talking about summer time dressing is a festival staple whether you like it or not. It's been tried and tested and whether is a smock, skater or tea dress, floral's win! And I have every intention to wear more outfits just like this one throughout the duration of summer. So please, please, pretty please stay with us sun! Me and my dress collection are counting on you! 

Sophia x

Dress- Plum&Pigeon
Trainers- Converse
PS. Huge shout out to Dennis the dog for helping style out the weekend with me...

Dennis Donovan The Dog- Photographer's own


  1. These are such lovely photos and completely agree about Liberty florals being oh so perfect! x

    India Charlotte♥