Outfit Of The Day On The Go

Happy bank holiday everyone! So this is kind of a quick, spur of the moment post which runs along side with a subject I've mentioned before, when I love love LUUURVE an outfit and I just gotta share it. No particular subject matter, just BAM! Killer outfit (in my opinion). 

I am OBSESSED (I'm using a lot of capitals in this post, I must feel very passionately about this outfit) with each piece individually I'm wearing. There's a lot of off the shoulder/cut shoulder tops out there at the moment but personally this was the one for me. It's a lil Topshop Boutique number and it's designed to look like a reworked tailored shirt with cuff detailing on the sleeves, giving it a n oh so formal touch. The stripes what I adored most, tones which are spot on  for summer and bring to mind that old England deck chairs. It makes me smile. The soft denim cropped pants are ASOS and are pretty much my staple for summer, no question! Flattering, comfy and they go with pretty much EVERY ONE of my summer tops. Winning! I'm not going to lie I was wearing this exact outfit out before with white Birkenstocks instead of boots and it works a treat as a day time look. Perfect good weather easy peasy outfit! But lastly let's talk about my boots...

Office Silver Metallic Boots of dreams meet everyone, everyone meet my boots of dreams. As I have discussed on countless occasions now I am obsessed, addicted, in love, a collector of, whatever you want to call it, with metallic shoes. And these hit the jackpot! The wooden block heel gives them a lighter, kinda Spring/summer vibe, making them as dressy or as casual as you like. I've work them already to a multitude of occasions from; gigs to nights out, to shopping to brunch. They're money well spent and an investment worth making. 

So there you have my swift, on the go post, on my outfit I am wearing right now as we speak. It doesn't get more up to date than that! 

Now excuse me whilst I go enjoy the sun,
Sophia x

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