Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Leaves)...

Two subject's I've mentioned on multiple occasions; my love for Autumnal/Winter colours and my phobia of wearing colours. Scratches chin, scribbles equation on chalkboard, counts on abacus and if you listen extra carefully you can even hear the cogs ticking in my tiny (no seriously I have a pea head, it's a thing) head... How does that figure? Surely I'm just massively contradicting myself? How have I never put two and two together and made a wonderful outfit of four autumnal colours before? Nothing makes me happier than seeing cosy, nostalgic colour combinations such as browns and pale blues, dusky pinks and navy blues, burgundy and dark mustards, so why do I constantly shy away from actually wearing them?!

Just to keep you updated on where I'm at right now, I recently moved back to my home town and it's kinda out in the sticks to say the least... But in all honesty I'm so so so pleased to have done it just as Autumn began, because the colours in the scenery around me are like sometime out of an oil painting! Everyday I walk down to the station and I'm totally inspired by the rolling green hills and gold crispy leaves decorating the streets. I almost begrudge getting on the train back into the grey and dreary reality of Manchester city centre (shhh but don't tell Manchester that).  One of my favourite and most peaceful (I'm so zen now I'm a country bumpkin) things to do is just chuck my head phones on and wonder aimlessly, because I have the luxury of doing that now and not ending up lost in the deepest, darkest depths of a Salford estate. Little insight into my world- My tailor made soundtrack to wonder around, thinking of nothing in particular but being perfectly content looks a little something like this:
Simon & Garfunkel- The Only Living Boy In New York
John Lennon- Oh Yoko!
Donovan- Colours
Nico- These Days
Don McLean- Vincent
Bob Dylan- Girl From The North Country
The Mama & Papa's- Dedicated To The One I Love
George Harrison- Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
Cat Stevens- Here Comes My Baby
The Byrds- Tamborine Man
Leonard Cohen- Suzanne
Neil Young- Heart Of Gold
Bread- Make It With You (Imagine FM Late Night Love taught me well)
I don't know if it's the countryside air going to my head or my scenic surroundings but recently I've been more inspired to take on board my love for rustic colours and welcome it with open arms into my wardrobe. One item in particular I've fallen in love with is the beautiful "rainbow" knit by Whistles photographed below. I'm convinced a team of elves sat down together and made a list of "Sophia's Favourite Colours" and than magicked up this dream stripe jumper... Thanks friends. The beauty of multicoloured stripes is, if like me you're new to this dressing in colour malarky, you can't go wrong! Seriously, pick a colour, any colour and work with it! I teamed mine with this wardrobe staple of a skirt from New Look in forest green. Not to gush too much about my outfit but again, this skirt is a God send. It's a quick fix solution to a "I just don't know what to wear" kinda day and I was so impressed with it I bought it in 3 colours. Yikes! Keen bean. But hold on one sec, as if I hadn't had enough of colour yet I go and add the cherry on the cake... Quite literally, with cherry red (burgundy to a colour maverick) Dr Marten's from AllSole! You know for that extra winter palette, je ne sais pas! Woah, woah, woah! Still not quite done with you yet... One last teeny weeny addition, a winter must, a sheepskin coat. A masterpiece in it's own right, my countryside inspired outfit in which I just let the colours roll...

Sophia x

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Faux Sheepskin- Glamorous but find similar from ASOS
Striped Knit- Whistles
Faux Leather Skirt- New Look
Dr Marten's- AllSole

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  1. I love this entire outfit! I also love the idea of Autumn/Winter colours and dressing and I say "idea" because where I live in Australia we have about three seasons: warm, ridiculously hot and three days a year that requires a trench coat. I live for those extra special three days a year and have happily been taking inspiration from your blog to plan the best ever outfits for when those three days strike - this post almost combines all of my favourites! Today as I sit in my office at work, it is one of those ridiculously hot days - a girl can dream x

    Miss B (