Getting Away With It

I often look at other bloggers/girls on Instagram and I'm so completely in awe of how bloody wonderful they all look, all the time! Their wardrobes and their lives always appear so so beautiful, like something off a chocolate box. Their outfits always on point, their breakfast carefully positioned and looking just as stylish as their mid week outfit and their Sunday's are spent in chic pyjama's on immaculate bedding. I often think (freak out) to myself, "wow these girls have really got their lives together" and than there's me. Frumpy, clumsy old me. My breakfast is toast (coffee) on the go, my mid week outfit is make up free, covered in dry shampoo and involving the comfiest, most easily accessible items of clothing I can get my sleepy mitts on and my Sunday morning is spent trying desperately to wake my boyfriend up or snuggling my cat (who by the way is black and fluffy so pristine bedding is a distant dream), my life is NOT together people!!

Ok, ok, I know, I know! Rule number one- don't believe everything you see on social media. But truth be told, we're all guilty at some stage of finely tuning our lives to make them just a touch more Instagrammable right? It's just that maybe some of us are better at it than others... Or maybe it just seems that way to an outsider looking in because we are all SO bloody self critical. And with every perfectly placed flat lay and coffee cup encountered on Instagram raising the bar just that teeny weeny bit higher, we're becoming increasingly self aware and even more self critical?... Woah woah woah deep maaaan!! Haha woozer! Sorry I didn't mean for this post to go spiralling into an intense tale of existentialism. I digress....

The reason I bring all of this up is because I'm nowhere near perfect and I recently received some photos back from a shoot I did in typical miserable, Manchester weather and they made me giggle. The outfit was a super sleek, super chic little ensemble from Nobody's Child and we decided to shoot it near a rather "industrial", equally slick part of Manchester. Needless to say I did NOT pull off slick. It was windy, it was cold and in all honesty, I'm far too awkward to be chic. The photo's clearly show this; squinty eyed, cheesy grinned, HAIR EVERYWHERE! But hey, I kinda like it! The thing is I am a little goofy (I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have a smile to rival Tuna Melts My Heart and Joe agrees), I make awkward faces and I'm all together not very well preened. My hair's always messy, my fringe has a life of its own (a gappy fringe will forever be the true tragedy of my life) and red lipstick on me, ends up smudged. So there you have it! Just the tip of the iceberg to some of my many flaws... Well maybe not flaws, just less "Instagrammable" personality traits. And I'm perfectly happy to have them. Trying to be perfect all the time time is just perfectly impossible. Anyway preachin' over, I just figured it would be nice to share some home truths with you...

Ok now your turn... Nah, just kidding you're all so very beautiful.

Sophia x

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  1. Christ!!! I think you really won me over with this post:) It's like you stole the words out of my mouth and wrote them down more elegant than I could. I appreciate you for this really 😊☺😊