Yeh Hair Woes, Yeh She Blows.

Right it's time to FINALLY discuss my hair... And there's a heck of a lot of it so we could be here for quite sometime! Firstly I feel like I should apologies to a few of you because I have been asked on numerous occasions how exactly I style my mane, what products I use, if there's a particular technique to waves/curls I prefer etc and I've never really ever given a straight answer. The reason I've shied away from talking about it as a serious (when am I ever seriously serious though?) subject on my blog is because there's so many amazing hair experts out there eager to share their advice, that I always just figured any nuggets of wisdom I could give would be insignificant. I use the word "wisdom" loosely, as when it comes to hair I'm probably not even close to being knowledgeable. As with my make up I prefer easy to use, minimal fuss, hair products. Nothing too technical, nothing too fancy pants, just something which can do a great job with as little effort as possible involved....

Which brings me to the main star of the show (blog post) the Remington Keratin Radiance hair tool range. The idea behind the range is all products are infused with Keratin oil which protects/strengthens and Macadamia oil which reduces frizz and gives me hair a pretty little shiny we all crave... Ie. minimal effort, just bloody lovely, easily achievable dreamy locks! Where's the catch? Wait, there is none? Ok I'll take one of everything! I've no shame in telling you that where hair and beauty are concerned, I've no qualms with cutting corners and making life easier on myself as long as I'm not forfeiting top notch end results (yes I want my cake and I wana eat it), so the Keratin Radiance Range was clearly going to be right up my street.
So incase you haven't notice my hair is kinda shaggy, kinda unkept and kinda wavey. I'm not going to lie, I am (debatably) lucky enough to have a natural kink so I can go au naturel to a degree, however it still needs a little bit of encouragement and a little bit more taming. The Pro Dryer is perfect for showing my locks who's boss from the moment I get out of the shower. It's lightweight, so if like me you suffer from seriously thick hair and drying can take what seems like an eternity, your arm will thank you for a little bit less baggage, trust me. It also comes with a diffuser, which is just the thing you need if you're after creating waves. 
The second product I absolutely love in this range is the Pro Tong. Now there's two sizes available in the tong, one is quite thin (Wand) and one is a little thicker, (Tong). If you're after more loose, wider curls go for the thicker tong. I know that sounds like I'm stating the obvious but if you've got short hair such as myself, I think logic suggests to go for the thinner option and that's just not the case. Little tong's will give you less dishevelled more... Little Bow Peep, your call. As a rule I try and get my hair as wavey as possible by scrunching it (don't know if thats a technical term but we'll go with it) when wet with a lil bit of Moroccan oil and then using the diffuser to dry. The tongs are simply used to perfect a few unruly areas and also curl the front areas of hair away from my face. Pro Tongs couldn't be easier to work and the adjustable heat setting means you can control just how intense the curls you create are! My only tip would be ensure your curling round in the direction away from your face, this looks a whole lot more natural.
The nice thing about the Keratin Radiance Range is my hair feels lovely after using them and there's never a worry of it looking too dry and over done which exactly what you're after with the wavey look! I hate over using hair products and this range completely eliminates the need to. My hair woes truly have become hair WOAHS!!

These two products are just my favourites but you can have a gander at the whole range and stockists (ya know, to give Santa a push in the right direction) on the link below:

Happy Styling,
Sophia x

PS This was a sponsored post but views are forever my own! Promise!