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Ok so I'm going to be honest, this post is way overdue by around 3 weeks! I really did have such good intentions! I had so much lined up for my blog, yet so little time to actually put any of it into action and unfortunately this pretty post has had to take a back seat. It's kind of a shame really because this post would have been perfect to get you into the Autumnal mood but we're over that now. We've officially moved on to bigger and better things, with our christmas spirit in full swing and a bratwurst/mulled wine in hand (in my humble opinion maybe a little too early, I'm more a strictly only enjoy Christmas in December kinda gal).
But enough of that, put your mince pie down for just one second and step back in time with me to the beginning of November when little old me went on a fleeting trip to one of my favourite FAVOURITE cities, Amsterdam! Little bit of a back story just to brief you up, my boyfriend travels A LOT and he's forever away (I blame Almost Famous for its false representation of what it's actually like to date someone in a band, trust me you spend more time with your cat and Netflix and less time riding the waves of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle than you'd care to believe). Unfortunately Joe has been away for the duration of November (two more days people, hooray) and with his birthday falling on the 1st November, this kind of sucked... Enter surprise trip to Amsterdam to surprise him on his birthday... Like I needed an excuse!

Amsterdam is such a beautiful place to visit in Autumn, they both go hand in hand and the city seems to lend itself to the vibrant rusty tones we're used to at that time of year. Needless to say it was awfully photogenic and I went absolutely snap happy! Yes, I was the tourists we love to hate and I didn't give a damn (excuse the pun... total lie, you know I love a pun). But I now get to share those lovely photos with all of you lovely people and so my annoying need to stop every 5 mins and snap, wasn't in vain.

I absolutely adore the vibe in Amsterdam; it's never showy, pretentious or flamboyant. Just like it's renowned higgledy-piggledy houses; Amsterdam in general, to me is like a mish-mash collection of quaint scenery all stacked together to make one incredibly pretty place. Like a happy accident. Its laid back attitude and unassuming character forever makes me feel right at home...You'll fit in a lot more with jeans and Converse than you would in a fancy dress and heels (the streets are cobbled, save yourself the energy of trying to walk in heels and opt for comfy flats), a city very much after my own heart. I guess on paper I'd love to tell you I'm more a Parisian kind of girl but truth be told, I'm no where near chic enough for that! Nope, when all is said and done I'm much more comfortable with the less intimidating style of Amsterdam. After all I'm at my happiest when I'm in my scruffy jeans, with my hair undone and a chunky knit. Just pass me a bicycle and I'll fit like a glove. 

Sophia x

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  1. Love the outfit and love Amsterdam! Couldn't agree with you more on the being Parisian on paper but not nearly chic enough part! Love your blog posts. x