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As a Northern based blogger you can sometimes feel a little out of the loop with what’s going on in the world of fashion. Brands, events, fashion week… All are based very unsurprisingly in our darling capital London and at times this can be a tad challenging. I think fellow northerner’s will agree with me when I say, most fashion and lifestyle editorials are more often then not swayed towards those living down south (at the risk of creating a divid between the two…). As I’m sure a lot of you are aware by now, mainly because I’ve beaten you over the head with it on numerous occasions, I am a Northern girl through and through… I like brews (cup of tea), balms (baps or teacakes) and don't judge me on this one… I think chips and gravy is proper sound (translation: very good). Southern life just isn't for me. More specifically I’m Mancunian. Although as mentioned in previous posts I have a pet peeve with the term "Mancunian" as without actually having met me you will insisting envision me as a Manc stereotype; a proper lad (arm, translation:  just “very much a boy” I guess) swagging down the road on my way to the Hacienda in my Gazelles, Parka and bucket hat, MAD FER IT OUR KID (trans: Mad for it my friend/sibling). When in fact I’m a girl, with a squeaky voice, a Cambridge satchel and a pair of Russell & Bromley Loafers. FYI I don’t support football. But I do appreciate The Smiths.

Never the less I am from Manchester and happily so. At the risk of sounding a little biased, its a city with a lot going on, a shed load of culture and a hack of a character. So wouldn’t it be nice if us Northerner’s had something to refer to, which could tell us just what exactly our city has to offer on a regular basis? Yes, yes it would. Cue the very clever (proper sound) folk at Emerald Street because they agree. They’ve decided, you know what it’s actually NOT that grim up North after all and subsequently have launch a newsletter based in none other than Manchester itself… AV IT (trans: “Have it” i.e.. to feel enthusiastic)!

Recently launched Emerald Street Manchester can now provide you with all the best northern tip offs such as; where are the best bars for either a fancy pants cocktail, to a good old boogie and a beer. What exhibitions to go visit if you feeling culturally inclined or where to find the best cuppa and cake (or sausage balm) when you just feel like pigging out. You’ll be able to find out all the latest news from the city including; new bars, restaurants, the latest plays, gigs… You name it, the’ve got your spare time covered! And to really make their launch the (worker) bee’s knees, I’ll be taking over the Emerald Street Instagram in the very near future. I’ll be giving you a sneaky insight into some of my favourite haunts to eat, shop and wonder, along with a little bit of guidance on the best way to spend your day in the not so sunny city. I Keep your eyes peeled over on their account very soon our kid….

Sign up to the Emerald Street newsletter now via the link below:

Or follow them on Instagram @EmeraldStreetmcr for some instant northern inspo!

Sophia x

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