With Tangerine Coats And Marmalade Skies...

As with so many I guess you could say my love for The Sixties started with The Beatles when I was an early teenager and on some levels I guess that's very true. I was MASSIVELY obsessed with both Help and Revolver when I was younger and would sit cooped up in my room listening to them both on repeat. I grew up in a strictly Northern Soul household and I remember asking for the Sgt Pepper album for Christmas and my mum responding simply with... "Are you sure?". But as reluctant as my mum was about my love for The Beatles, it eventually came round in a full circle. From The Beatles, you start listening to The Kinks and The Who and Small Faces and in turn you get caught up in the beauty and nostalgia of the Mod culture. Before you know it, I was back round loving Northern Soul again. I say again because the soundtrack of my childhood was without a doubt Tamla Motown and Northern Soul; every car journey, every meal time, every occasion, it was always in the background in our household. If you'd asked me what my favourite song was when I was 7, I'd have told you anything by The Four Tops. Cheers mum!
But in terms of my style, I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm a HUUUUGE film geek, especially sixties film and this above anything has helped inspire the way I dress. Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favourite directors and it wouldn't be a Hitchcock film with a strong leading female character, it's hard to not be inspired and in ore of them! I could probably sit and reel off a whole host of films I love but I decided to narrow it down (reluctantly) to just four. If you haven't seen any of them, please go watch them IMMEDIATELY after reading this post or we can no longer be friends, no pressure. (FYI- Breakfast At Tiffany's didn't make the cut, it goes without saying):

The Graduate- I don't know what it is about this film but i's so bloody calming! It's forever my go to "pick me up" film. The colours and the soundtrack- by none other than my musical favourites Simon & Garfunkel (just for the record my mum HATES my love for the legendary folk duo... it's just not how she raised me) are perfect for Autumn and cosying up on the sofa with you snuggliest blankest. Elaine Robinson aka Katherine Ross has a beehive and set of lashes to die for. She also owns the cream, princess coat of your dreams. In fact there's a hefty amount of jacket inspiration in this film, with classic trenches a plenty and Mrs Robinson sporting THAT leopard coat you've searched for a thousand times, in a thousand different vintage stores. Plus this film manages to make those "I don't know what the hell I'm doing" moments in life seem all the more sane and normal... Remember it will never be that bad, that you'd hijack a wedding, use a crucifix as a weapon and steal the bride.

Rosemary's Baby- I owe so much and yet so very little to this scary, devil worshipping film. Mia Farrow's aka Rosemary's wardrobe collection is a thing of beauty. Even her maternity wear will make you envious HOWEVER be warned you will be tempted to have a pixie cut, as I so naively did. And you will eventually spend 2 years of your life growing it out, where you will have to endure what I can only describe as a cross between a bowl cut and a mullet. That's the real horror in the film. 

Marnie- Technically my favourite Hitchcock is Vertigo but it was filmed in 1958 and I'm not about to break the rules. Tippy Hedren is on form in this film as the ultimate femme fatale leading lady, sadly it would be Tippi's last film with Hitchcock but that's another story for another rainy day. No one quite rocks a turtle neck and a two pieces the way Tippi does. See The Birds for further proof.

Breathless (A Bout Be Souffle)- French New Wave is not to everyone's taste. I studied film at college and we looked at Breathless, the entire class hated it bar little old me. I loved it. There's something REEEEALLY brutal yet romantic about this film. Starring Jean Seberg as the very chic Patricia (another veteran of the pixie cut- previous warnings apply), she will forever be your cigarette pant hero. She's effortless in that infuriating way only French girls are (I know, I know, Jeans actually American). More over this film holds one of my favourite fashion moments: The striped Dior dress, so special they kinda make a (out of context) point of her going to pick it up. How could you hate a film with such a beautiful dress in it?

So there you have my short list of sixties films to inspire. If you've seen them all before, you'll agree. If you've not, well then you've got something to keep you busy with until my next post.

Sophia x

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  1. Amazing outfit, That coat is such an incredible colour! I adore Hitchcock films and am ashamed to say I have not seen enough of them.