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The beauty of personal style is just that; it's personal to every single one of us in our own way, making us all so wonderfully unique. It defines who we are and reflects the things we love. We're constantly, whether we like it or not, inspired by what surrounds us every day and consciously or subconsciously we express this through our wardrobes. Some of us do this in a more subtle and abstract way; Vintage dressing to glam girls to Nordic style, it's not by any means a "pigeon hole" as such, but it does give the rest of the world a snapshot into your personal preferences. Some of us however, like to literally spell it out and announce it to the world. I guess the best example of this is the tried, tested and loved by many band tee (from Blink 182 as a teen to T Rex just the other week, I've flown the flag). Over the past few months I've grown increasingly aware, I am the latter. There are a hell of a lot of things which inspire me and I want you to know about it, apparently. Some of my favourite "tell all" pieces include; my Bella Freud "Je t'aime Jane" knit, translation- I love french style and more obviously I bloody love Jane Birkin. My Hades "The Smiths" jumper, translation- I like poetically, passive aggressive lyrics. My Blossoms Tote bag, translation- I'm a supportive girlfriend. And my Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers, translation- I'M A CRAZY CAT LADY....
Which brings me puuurrrfectly on to my newest addition in the "I Love Cats" clothes category. My new blouse from Lazzari featuring an adorable cat detailed collar! It's such a sweet addition to a classic cream blouse whilst simultaneously shouting out my complete and utter obsession with cats (isn't that what everyone's looking for in their clothing?)! Plus the featured cats are playing with balls of wool *bites fist with cuteness over load*. Basically what I'm getting at is, if this blouse doesn't add a little joy into a cat lovers day then I'm not sure what will. I teamed it with a simple velvet A-line mini and patent Mary Janes to give the overall outfit my signature retro vibe and show a little hint of my sixties love. Hey presto, I've pretty much managed to describe the majority of my personality (well the best bits anyway) in one adorable look... A cat lover and proud.

Ok so I'm not saying we should all walk around with our hearts on our sleeves, but for me a cat on a blouse will definitely do.

Meow/The End.

Sophia x

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