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If you've been keeping tabs on my Instagram recently than you'll have possibly seen that this weekend was my little old (actually young in the grand scheme of things) blog's one year birthday! *Cue Stevie Wonder- Happy Birthday*. And what an absolute MEGA year it's been. It's gone by in lightning speed but then time truly does fly when you're having fun. I've had such an amazing time and I couldn't have asked for a better response. With every month that's passed, I've been in complete awe of every single one of you; who follows me, reads my blog or gets in touch to tell me your thoughts. Please know that it never EVER goes unnoticed! At times it's been really hard (hold off on the violins for just a moment, this isn't a sob story I promise), you're constantly second guessing yourself and if you're not careful you can very easily get wrapped up in caring TOO much what others think. Word of advise for any aspiring bloggers (or anyone in general come to think of it)- LET GO of the dead weight worry. It's not needed and it will drag you down.

If you're passionate enough about something, keep doing what you're doing. You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea but for every one person who's criticising you (probably behind your back but what you don't know won't kill you... I'm alive to tell the tale), there's a dozen pretty amazing people ready and waiting to support you! In all honesty I got so exhausted towards the middle of this year; my blog was picking up and of course that's a great thing but it's a lot of (if not ALL your) time/effort and I was still working a full time job I didn't enjoy, for a company that just wasn't for me. I felt so torn between wanting to push my blog further, but not having the time or energy through working 5 days a week in an environment that drained me of any enthusiasm! I genuinely couldn't see a way out and I felt so disheartened at the idea of my blog having to take a back seat. But I kept on at it! I'd shoot at the weekend or I'd bring a suitcase of outfits with me to work and shoot in the evening, I'd be writing on my lunch, I'd be constantly jotting down post ideas as they came to me through the day, I'd be using holidays to see brands and make new contacts... Eventually I met the right people, my life changed for the better and my blog continues (fingers crossed) to grow! So thank you to all you wonderful people for reading this and unknowingly encouraging me to stick with it, you're the best.

And in light of my blog birthday, blothday? I have some rather exciting news... The wonderful people at AllSole have very kindly asked me to be their new Brand Ambassador to which I responded very quickly... Yes please! I'm thrilled to be representing AllSole, I love their shoe collection and I have been shopping their site for a while now... So you know how I live in Converse and Superga? Yup, all from the yummy selection at AllSole! And what better way to kick off (excuse the pun) representing AllSole than my latest outfit of the day featured below, in which I sporting my new favourite addition to my Superga collection and THEY'RE SILVER. They're basically everything I've ever wanted in a shoe. I know Superga can be perceived as a bit of a "summer shoe" so I wanted to show you CAN wear them past August and they CAN go perfectly will with a more winter based outfit. The great thing about the metallic collection is, they're a thicker, more hard wearing material than the  classic canvas so they'll keep your toes nice and toasty... And most importantly dry!!... Did you need any more reasons to wear silver shoes?

Sophia x

PS Thank you again.
PPS Big thank you to Rosie for the incredible photo's as per. Check her out HERE.

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Blouse- Fashion Union
Jumper- HE Official
Shoes- Superga at AllSole

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